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How to Not Feel Fat & Lazy When Recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Recovering your period from HA means gaining weight, which you know means eating more, and moving less. This sounds like a dream plan for the majority of your friends, but not for you/

When you love exercise and and have been counting calories and watching carbs and fat for years, it feels really weird to have free time on the couch and have a full belly when you lay down at night.

I was used to running 5 times a week, averaging 30 miles every week. I nearly always had a race on my calendar and even coached marathon runners.

Walking was what I did on rest days, and to suddenly count that as my exercise for the day made me antsy. Adding full fat dairy to my diet and eating chips and guac on days I didn’t do a long run felt criminal!

Feeling fat & lazy when recovering form HA is normal!

You are going to feel like a lazy slob when you start your recovery journey, but I promise you are not! You haven’t trusted your body in a long time, and now you need to put all of your trust into it.

Here are some quick tips when the Fat & Lazy thoughts buzz in your head:

🙌 Walk outside

Before you put on your Garmin, I’m not talking about a power walk to burn off calories. I’m talking about getting out in the world, moving your body intentionally, and feeling how small your problems really are. Walk in the neighborhood and breathe. Sit on the porch and watch people go by. Read your book on the deck. Get some fresh air and change your perspective!

🙌 Play your favorite song

Never underestimate the power of belting it out to a great jam! When you feel gross, you’re going to doubt this will do anything, but you’re going to have to trust me here. Take it up a level and create a playlist for this occasion. I have a Spotify list named “Samantha Happy” (Seriously, email me and I’ll send it to you!) and it is the cure to any bad mood.

🙌 Write it down

Write down exactly how you feel. Getting it out of your head and onto paper makes you put words to your feelings. Seeing them on paper – or typed on your phone – often makes you realize how petty your worries are.

🙌 Clean the kitchen

I can’t explain this one as well, but it helps for some reason! It doesn’t have to be the kitchen, but cleaning an area of your space gives you something else to put your energy in.

🙌 Text – or call – your bestie

Ask what’s going on with them to totally change your mental spiral, OR pick someone you can vent to who will listen without judgement and without making light of your feelings.

There will be rough patches in recovery. Know that they are coming, and know that they will pass. Please do not let them throw you back to hold habits! Sit with the uncomfortable bits and be 100% confident that you are making progress.

If your fear of gaining weight is stopping you from taking action in recovering your period, check the Work With Me tab. I get real with my clients about weight gain, and together we tackle fears around weight gain and so so so much more.

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