How to Keep You and Your Baby Entertained at Home

Staying home all day with your new baby may seem like a dream come true, but after a few days, you may find yourself struggling to keep your baby, and yourself, engaged and entertained.

I know when I first started working from home I was thrilled to spend all day with my child; however, reality quickly set in the fourth time he started crying while I tried to cook or write an email or even simply go to the bathroom.

A lot of my baby’s cries, I discovered, were because he simply needed some extra entertainment. Check out this list of ideas on how to keep your baby entertained at home—as a parent, there are truly only so many games of peek-a-boo before both you and your baby need something else to do.

Incorporate your baby into your workout routine

While it may seem silly at first, incorporating your baby into an at-home workout routine can be a fun activity for baby, and a motivation to get moving while stuck in the house for you.

Try doing squats while holding your baby. I loved to combine my baby’s tummy time with my yoga time. I just set him down on the mat and get to a YouTube yoga class. As a toddler he still loves watching me and it keeps him engaged.

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Your baby, given their age and stage, may even try to copy some of the poses you’re performing. Even if your child is too young for copying yet, they’ll still be entertained watching mommy bend into funny poses.

Have baby try new foods

What a perfect time to expose your baby to new foods—assuming they’re on solid foods already. Try feeding your child new fruits and vegetables and watch their reaction. For some fun, record their reactions and share them with friends and family to brighten their days.

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I know my family loved the video I sent them of my little one trying chicken, then proceeding to do a happy dance! Check with your pediatrician if you have any concerns about feeding your baby different foods.

Play with some toys

Invest in some new baby toys. Do some research on how to buy safe toys for your baby and pick out new ones to amaze your child. You know your baby better than anyone, so picking out new toys that will hold their attention should be a fun adventure and is easy to complete from the comfort of your home.

I personally like to order a few different toys online and introduce them to my guy one at a time so I don’t overwhelm, and have something new to bring out when the novelty wears off. Better yet, check your local mom Facebook Groups and attend or plan a toy swap!

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