How to Find the Best OB/GYN for You

Choosing the right doctor is a big deal in any circumstance, but it’s especially true when it comes to an occasion as important as pregnancy. I know I often wonder if I’m making the right choice when I’m choosing my doctors. Here are a few tips for how to find the right OB/GYN for you and your baby.

Insurance and Recommendations

If you don’t know where to start looking for an OB/GYN, I recommended turning first to your health insurance provider. Knowing what they do and don’t cover and understanding what costs you’ll be facing are a big help when you’re searching for the right medical care. You’ll save money by finding an in-network provider and hospital.

You can also turn to family, friends, and coworkers for local recommendations. Social media or review sites are great resources as well, but it’s always good to take online posts with a grain of salt, especially if you don’t know the website very well. I’ve used and Yelp, but remember that these are only from the patient standpoint.

Specific Needs

Everyone has different pregnancy plans and experiences, and it’s important to find an OB/GYN who fits your situation. Find out whether your doctor supports the methods you’re leaning toward. If you want a natural childbirth, you probably don’t want a doctor who is strictly pro-epidural—and vice versa. Ask questions at your first appointment to help gauge where your provider stands on issues you feel are a dealbreaker for you.

It’s also important to consider any chronic issues or other special health needs you’ll have throughout your pregnancy. Some doctors will be better suited to your needs than others, so keep these things in mind when you’re considering your options.


Where is your OB/GYN’s office? What will your commute be like? Even if it isn’t a big deal now, a trip to the doctor’s office will be a lot more of a nuisance in a few months—you’re going to be there a lot. If you can, make sure your OB/GYN is easy to reach and that your commute is as stress-free as possible. You’ll appreciate it in a few months’ time.

Go with Your Gut

The biggest advice I can give for how to find the right OB/GYN is to trust your own instincts. Your doctor should make you feel safe and comfortable during your visits. There should be trust, respect, and communication between the two of you.

Don’t forget to consider how these things will be impacted later on when you’re feeling sick, tired, or stressed or if potential complications arise. If at any point you have a bad feeling about your doctor, don’t be afraid to act on it. You are free to switch doctors pretty late in your pregnancy. Remember, they work for you, and you deserve the best experience possible.

Choosing your healthcare provider through pregnancy is the first of many important decisions. I help women avoid getting overwhelmed with all the big – and little – decisions that come with having a baby.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    It’s great that you mentioned that it’s best to look for an OB/GYN with a plan and experience best suited for a pregnant woman’s situation. My sister is pregnant with her first baby and is looking for a doctor to help her. I’ll share this article with her when I see her. Thank you!

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