How to Decide What to Do When You’re Short on Time

This exact question came up when I did a workshop on avoiding burnout, and it’s something I know so many of you faces daily.

What do you do when you have two competing priorities and one time-slot?

The example given was having 45 minutes between putting her toddler to bed and going to bed herself and wanting to do yoga but also deeply wanting the living room picked up.

This little choice is something we are all making roughly one zillion times a week, so its easy to feel we don’t have enough time.

Now, your circumstances and choices may be different but the result is the same. What do we do in those moments, how can we easily make that decision.

As planners who like structure, we want a flow chart to follow. If X is true, then I chose Y. But, we aren’t robots. 

I want to give you two concepts that will ease the pressure of these daily choices we have to make.

#1 What do you want to do in that specific moment?

We overlook the obvious. We want a system to follow, but what actually helps us feel fulfilled is listening to what we want in the moment. 

Some days the yoga is calling us, and others its tidying up and there is likely no rhyme or reason, no systematic logic you can trace. It’s just what we inherently need. Sounds simple, but how often do you stop to do this?

#2 Stop the black and white thinking! Turns out you really want or need both.

If you normally do yoga for 20 minutes, can you do 10 minutes and tidy up the rest of the time? 

What can help here when It’s a time issue (and when isn’t it?) is assessing how much time will these things actually take?  You’re doing yoga to wind down and move your body. How little can you do and get the effect you want?

You see a messy living room or kitchen and your brain is screaming that it’s going to take you 45 minutes when in reality it may take 15. Its the overwhelm that makes it seem like a larger task.

Start with those two things and practice them until they become second nature. It is shocking how much stress is relieved.

Not only are will your soul be happy that you’re listening to it, but you will also end the stress of finding a system to handle these decisions.

My Break-Free Method is for those who are ready to feel content, be present, and achieve balance in all aspects of life without falling behind. Is that you? Let’s chat!

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