How to Create an Action Plan Out of Your Priorities

Something I used to experience way more than I do now, is something a lot of my clients and friends complain about, and I wonder if this comes up for you, too. You get to the end of your day, not having done the things you have on your list, but also not spending it doing the things you want to be doing.

How often do you utter the phrase, “I don’t have enough time!”, yet know that something must be getting done all day? We like to pack our to-do lists and plan out our weeks with very little time left over for us, and still, our biggest dreams and goals closest to our hearts sit on the shelf.

What we’re actually doing is starting with all the busy work in the cluttered part of our brains that think the little things are fires that need to be put out immediately. Meanwhile, we have a slow-burning fire – our Big Goals – that we never tend to because it just doesn’t seem urgent.

I want to suggest something radical. Make your true priorities the most important actions on your to-do list. You might not even spend huge chunks of time on them, but you will be spending consistent time doing what is actually important to you.

So, how do you do that? Great question!

First, set aside some time (30 minutes to an hour, uninterrupted) to map out your plan. Make this enjoyable! Sit in a favorite spot, make a cozy drink, put some music on, and block out the world and those who need something from you. i.e. turn your phone on airplane mode.

Grab a journal and write 1-3 areas in your life you want to focus on. These are your priorities. This is going to be somewhat general but narrowed down to this year. For example, you might write a priority as your relationship with your spouse, but when narrowed down to specifically this year could be, “Quality time with only my spouse”.

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Next, you’re going to get more specific with how to actually take this priority into action. Come up with 1-3 actions that will support the priorities you came up with. The more specific the better. With the priority example above, an action could be having a game night once a week instead of watching TV. Or, cooking together every Sunday.


The last step is the most crucial, and perhaps where you’ve gotten stuck in the past. Actually do these things! Set the bar low so you for sure can fit the actions in. It could be doing game night just the two of you once a month. That is more than you’re doing now, so it’s a win! Plus, the more regularly you create time in your schedule for these actions, the easier it is to find the time. When you plan your week, go over the actions you wrote down and see where you can fit one (or all) from each category.

Implementing is the hardest part, I’m not going to pretend it isn’t! I love helping women not only define their priorities and actions but keep them accountable as they implement. It’s kinda what I’m best at. For a free 20 minute consult to see if working with me in any form is the right step for you right now, click below!

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