How New Moms Can Keep Their Families Healthy Inside and Out with Arbonne

My Women Belong circle wouldn’t be possible without my friend Rachel Kaplan. She said YES! when I was looking for a third woman to lead our circle in Asheville and I am so glad she did!

After talking over coffee, I couldn’t wait to share her knowledge of everything Arbonne with you all.

I totally get if you’re like I am when I hear someone say they are with Arbonne or one of the many other MLMs out there today, “Yeah, yeah, not interested.” Once Rachel started talking about how she works with her clients, it became clear she wasn’t your average rep.

Her degree in nutrition sciences gives her a better understanding of how and why to use Arbonne’s many products to enhance your health, and her yoga certification has lead to her leading retreats for those who desire to unplug and recharge.

Rachel Kaplan

But enough from me, here’s what Rachel has to say about Arbonne and how new moms and moms-to-be can get the most out of their products:

How long have you been with Arbonne, and what drew you to their products?

I’ve been with Arbonne for 7 years and I was impressed with their ingredient policy and how effective the products were. What attracted me to start a business with the company was their compensation plan and I loved the idea of being my own boss without having employees or over-head to worry about.

You often work with new moms and moms-to-be. How can Arbonne products improve their health?

I love working with moms because I get to educate them on how our products can keep their families feeling and looking good inside and out! Arbonne’s products are made from the best of nature enhanced with the safest of science so that they actually do what they say they’re going to do with out any toxic fillers.

We are providing families all over the world, healthier alternatives to products that they’re already buying at the stores! The FDA only bans 12 things from going into our personal care and nutrition products. The EU bans over 1400. Arbonne, a Swiss heritage brand, bans 2,000! You can check out more about our 2,000 do not allow list here: Arbonne’s Do Not Allow List

What would you say are the top 2 reasons clients come to you?

I have a background in nutrition and I am still an active yoga teacher / retreat leader, a lot of my clients come to me for our 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond program because they want to get back on track with their health and our state-of-the-art nutrition line helps them to increase their nutrition as well as repair their gut health.

I love helping people, I genuinely care about people’s well-being and I ask a lot of questions so that I know how I can best serve them. People come to me because I’m authentic and very passionate about helping people get results. 

Tell me your favorite “success” story.

My favorite success story? There’s so many in Arbonne! Thousands in fact. But I guess if I were to choose one it would be from my very own mentor, Leah Wagner Leonard. When I met her she was an Executive Regional VP which just means that she helped someone else on her team also become a VP. She was newly married, a performing artist working for Broken Box Mime Theatre in Brooklyn, NY and was doing Arbonne.

I had no idea what Arbonne was at the time but I loved that this 33 year old professional woman was able to have time to focus on her passion and still pay her bills. I wanted that life. After joining her team I learned that not only was she a performing artist but also a philanthropist and actually opened up a primary school in Tanzania, Africa for underprivileged kids to learn English! And she was doing it with her Arbonne income!

My first year in Arbonne I witnessed my mentor earn the Spirit of Arbonne award, which is the highest award you can reach with the company. So cool! I new I was with the right company and the right time. To hear more success stories in Arbonne, go to:

From a client perspective, a picture tells more than I can. this is Jordan, mama of 3, who started using our nutrition products with amazing results!

What would you like pregnant women and new moms to know about Arbonne?

 Pregnant women and new mom’s should feel excited knowing that there is a brand out there that is luxurious and SAFE. We have the best products in the world for your body and to help with increasing your nutrition.

I love our Firming body cream for women to help with stretch marks and saggy skin and our awesome baby line for new babes! Also, our vegan protein mix is a delicious way to get the extra protein you need when you’re pregnant without having to eat more meat! 

Where can women get more information and how do they get started working with you?

People can find me on IG: @Higher_Health or they can visit my website: // I believe that “friends don’t let friends pay retail” so if you’re interested in using our products, shoot me a message through Instagram and I’ll hook you up with at least a 20-40% discount. For everyone who contacts me from reading this blog post, make sure to say “Samantha’s Blog” in the heading of your message for an additional free product!

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