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How Much Body Fat Do You Need to Get Pregnant?

You need fat on your body to create a baby.⁠ At my leanest, I had 12% body fat. ⁠I “looked” super fit, but I was NOT super fertile. I wasn’t getting a period, much less ovulating.

I don’t know when I lost my cycle because I was on the Pill, but it was apparent body fat was an issue when I went to a fertility specialist and found I had such low estrogen that I had zero uterine lining.

It wasn’t until we were nearly to IVF that I learned what Hypothalamic Amenorrhea was, and that my lean body was the reason we were having trouble getting pregnant. Now I know, you need at least 22% body fat for a healthy cycle!⁠

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Adding body fat sounds fun, but when you’re highly focused on your physique, it quickly becomes a mental struggle to relax your fitness and watch your body change.⁠

I know you’ve worked super hard to get your body where it is. I also know that you’re worried about gaining weight.⁠

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👉 It comes down to what you want more: visible abs or a baby bump?⁠

That may sound extreme, but it’s the reality. When your body fat is too low, your chances of conceiving are slashed. The great thing is, this is totally in your control!

If you’re too lean to get pregnant, here are the two quickest ways to prepare your body for a baby:

👉 Take out all intense exercise (especially running!)

👉 Make 30% of your daily diet from fat. Easy ways to do this are by upgrading to whole fat dairy, adding avocado to everything, consuming more nuts, and cooking with extra butter/ghee.

Remember: This isn’t forever. ⁠
Just as any training plan, this is a phase of your life and a phase for your body.

If you’re ready to be a mom, it’s time to put your fitness goals on hold and work on the body a baby needs. ⁠If that thought sounds impossible, let’s chat! This isn’t a punishment, but a chance to up-level your life, and I can show you how.

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