Healthy Swaps

It’s easy to fall into the trap of attempting drastic dietary changes thinking the next one will be that magic thing we needed to get results. Whether it’s cutting out entire food groups – Goodbye bread! No more sugar! Sayonara meat! – or severely restricting calories, we think that big changes will bring big results. However, research shows again, and again (and again, and again…) that any weight loss achieved, is quickly regained when we go back to our regular eating habits.

15 EVERYDAY HEALTHY FOOD SWAPS you'll actually enjoy!

Maybe you have exceptional willpower, and you stick with these extremes for weeks, but is it realistic to eat this way for a lifetime? Most likely you’re thinking, “A lifetime?! I’m trying to make it to Saturday!”. The truth is, it’s the small changes that bring results.

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Achieving a healthy weight doesn’t happen with weeks of extremes at a time. Achieving a healthy weight happens when you consistently make healthier choices day in and day out. When clients of mine are setting goals, we start small. And a lot of these small goals are little healthy choices they can make every day. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with what you want to change with your diet. This is why I made this handy chart!

Pick 1-2 swaps at a time that you can focus on making a habit. Soon you won’t be debating if you should have air-popped popcorn or chips, because it will get easier and easier to make the healthier choice. Knowing the healthier option is key to not feeling deprived, and in the end, sticking to healthy habits. Otherwise, you restrict and restrict until you say, “forget it!”

What are your favorite healthy swaps?

Working with a professional health coach will help you set meaningful and realistic goals, and help you get there by holding you accountable. I would love to talk with you about where you’re struggling and come up with an action plan to finally get the results you want! Click here to see how you can work with me, and here to start the conversation by setting up a FREE Discovery Call.

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