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While I love my Facebook pagethere is a big element missing; conversation! I put out information I truly believe will help you, but every reader has their own experience, goals, struggles, solutions, and ideas that we can all benefit from. So I created a Facebook group: Healthiher Choices Think Tank!

The Healthiher Choices Think Tank is a place where you can feel supported and surrounded by women just like you.

We all perform a daily juggling act of fitting all our priorities into a prepackaged 24 hours. We agonize over what our top priority should be, and if we’re approaching things in the healthiest and most efficient way. The specifics may be different, but the end goal is the same: Living in a healthy balance.

Goals of the think tank:
*Accountability – state your wellness goals and keep us updated
*Problem solving – Ask for and share tips and advice
*Venting – share your struggles and find you’re not alone
*Positive support – support others as they support you

Above all, this is a place intended to empower each other in a positive way!

**Daily Themes**
Motivation Monday – Tell us what motivates you and what you need motivation for.

Time Saver Tuesday – Share a favorite time saving tip

Workout Wednesday – Let us know how you’re moving today or share a favorite workout, exercise

Think Tank Thursday – Post something you’re struggling with and crowdsource ideas

FTW (for the win) Friday – Share a win you had this week, or give a shout out to another member

Click hererequest to join and I will approve you shortly!

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