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How to Have a Healthy on Vacation, and Enjoy it!

When it comes to vacationing, there are two opposite approaches to health. Throwing all caution to the wind and purely indulging, or being hellbent on keeping such a strict routine, that vacation is a stress. Perhaps you toggle between the two.

You may be completely content with being a beach bum on a rare kid-free getaway, but want to keep to your routine while visiting family. Luckily, there are many ways to have a healthy vacation, and still enjoy your new environment!

Here are tips to keep healthy habits while traveling, but not ruin your vacation

healthy vacation

Pack for it

Bring a pair of gym shoes and workout wear that can double for sightseeing attire. Fitness clothing has come a LONG way and many of your pieces can be worn for a run on the beach, then a walk to brunch. If you’re going to the beach, remember socks!

Layers go a long way when creating workout-to-sightseeing outfits. A simple wrap can transform your vibe, and you will save a ton of suitcase space as well as time changing. Other helpful products include dry shampoo, make-up wipes, and super small travel deodorant.

Athleta, Ethereal Brushed Funnel Neck

Dibalong, Loose Workout Joggers

Acure Dry Shampoo

Rawganic, Facial Wipes

Gym in a band

Resistance bands deliver a great workout, take up very little space, add no weight to your luggage, and are highly affordable. Plus, you can use them in a hotel room, no need for a gym!

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Get creative

I’ve used a coffee table for dips and split squats, a bed for deficit push-ups, and a pillow to create an unstable surface for balance work. If you’re waiting for family to get up or get ready, use that time to get creative with items in the hotel room and use your body weight to work your muscles.

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Use your surroundings

San Francisco is a hill workout disguised as a city, and the beach provides resistance! No matter where your travels take you, your surroundings can easily be part of your workout. Walk if at all feasible, taking the scenic route and not avoiding the stairs.

You’ll see more, save more, and get your steps in before lunch time. If there are hiking trails nearby, pick a challenging one, if there’s kayaking take one for a spin!

Splurge on what counts

Trying new foods, famous restaurants and your hosts’ favorite dessert joint are all fine things to indulge in; it’s half the fun of a vacation, eating things you can’t get at home! But don’t waste your splurge on something you aren’t excited about simply because you didn’t take a few minutes to plan.

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Pack with you, or head to the grocery when you arrive for non-perishable healthy snacks like. Some ideas: apples, string cheese, dried fruits and nuts, beef jerky, instant oatmeal (can be made in the microwave or with hot water from a hotel coffee maker),and protein bars.

Know before you go

If you workout 5+ days a week it’s easy to think you’ll gain weight and/or lose muscle and fitness during a week long vacation. Stop. Ask yourself, did you get fit in 7 days? In 14 days? No. You’re still someone who works out regularly, this is simply a pause in a routine that you will resume as soon as you’re home.

Set your fitness goals and stay on track!

Change your perspective

Much like, “use your surroundings”, instead of viewing fitness as black and white workouts with sets and reps and miles, challenge yourself with what’s outside your hotel. Hike the nearest mountain, run on the beach (I guarantee you will be spent in half the time), sign up for a white water rafting tour. Get out there and enjoy what’s unique about wherever you are and make the focus about fun and experience rather than calories and time.

Eat like a local

Take this as an opportunity to branch out from your staple foods, and be sure to get one thing that the city you’re in is known for. Eat fresh! Find a farmers market or local produce store to learn what’s in season locally. Fresh food often keeps it cheap, as well as healthy.

Also, deviating from your norm, will remind you how interesting and exciting food can be, getting you out of a food rut. Plus, you will collect stories of trying whatever wonderful, or terrible, hometown delicacy you land on!

A personal note

As a fitness professional, it’s probably no surprise I fall into the save-the-routine-at-all-costs category. I’ve been in the gym of a hotel at 7am, because I was training for a half marathon, and I’ve found myself fretting about figuring out what to eat in the morning if I don’t have a kitchen.

Then, I think of vacations where I didn’t workout much, if at all, and didn’t gain weight, and was easily able to run 5 miles after returning home. I’ve always resumed my routine once back, and my body tends to thank me for the extra recovery.

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By all means, get your endorphin fix, but keep experiences and enjoyment forefront of your vacation. It’d be a shame to look back on your travels and have your memory be of a hotel gym, or the stress of finding the healthiest restaurant. Get out there and explore!

I help new moms and moms-to-be find their healthy living groove. Regaining the balance of exercise and Motherhood is a struggle for many workout fanatics like myself. Working with a health coach will help put things into perspective, and create a solid action plan to finding balance. For a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call, email me at and let’s chat!

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