Happy Mother’s Day

Mom Knows best

There are plenty of things my mom would tell me growing up that went in one ear and directly out the other. But, somehow, the important stuff found a way to tuck itself into my brain. I posed a question to my readers and got some lovely responses I wanted to share on this Mother’s Day <3

What is the most important lesson your mom taught you about your health?

My mom taught me the importance of drinking water. She drinks water almost constantly, it seems! She taught me that water is necessary for your body to function, and it really benefits your skin, hair and nails in terms of growth, strength and overall beauty. For years I hated water but I’ve come to an age and stage where I love it and need it!” – Patrice 

My mom always told me to drink plenty of water and to, ‘always get some greens on my plate’. She taught me the importance of water and veggies (amongst other things)!” – Kyle

I grew up in the country and in a time of no technology.  We were always outside playing.  Riding horses, climbing trees, and swimming.  My mother would wake me and my 2 sisters every morning with such enthusiasm saying, ‘Wake up, it’s a beautiful day!  Get outside and get moving! Get that circulation going!’” – Robbie

My mom modeled a great many things for me. She was and still is a passionate volunteer, a wonderful home cook, and a swimming enthusiast. She has struggled with weight her entire life (good-German-stock genes). She approached life with an undying optimism and she just makes life fun. Her best ‘healthy’ quote is from her dad: Everything, in moderation.” – Jennie


Jennie and Sam park

There are things my mom straight out told me, “just try a salad”, but I believe it’s her actions that made the larger impact. Mom, thank you for never shaming your body or demonizing dessert. Thank you for encouraging me to try new foods, play whatever sport I was into, and cheering me on at every race!

For all of you moms, aunts, big sisters, and cousins, pass on those gems you’ve held on to. Show it in your actions, and walk the talk. You never know what you’ll pass on!



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