Goal Sabotaging Loophole #9 Fake Actualization aka YOLO

Yesterday we went over the Concern For Others Loophole, which brings us to Loophole #9, the Fake Actualization Loophole, or more aptly named YOLO Loophole.

The concept of this loophole is based around living and loving life by sacrificing healthy habits, even when deep down we know indulging in alcohol, or cake, or marathon TV, doesn’t actually make us feel happy in the long run. It’s the short term happiness that we act like we’ll never get the chance to partake in again.

“I can’t waste this lovely day meal planning, I’m going to meet my friends at a bar with a patio.”

“Life isn’t meant to be spent working out.”

“I’m ordering dessert, life’s too short to live without it.”

This is a tempting vision, and one that I previously posted about here in YOLO! Vs. Healthy Balance. Let’s get this straight, I’m not saying you should never be spontaneous, never indulge in a dessert you hadn’t planned on, never trade in a workout for a patio date with a friend. What I am saying is that this can’t be your default response to every opportunity.

As I’ve stated before, “Tossing around, ‘You only live once!!’ every opportunity you have is like saying “I love you” to everyone. It totally loses it’s meaning and power.

[bctt tweet=”Stating YOLO at every opportunity is like saying ‘I love you’ to everyone. It loses it’s meaning.” username=”livesimplywell”]

By all means, enjoy those times the exception to the rule outweighs sticking to your healthy habits; drinking champagne on your anniversary when you normally don’t drink during the week, going out for breakfast and dinner when your parents are visiting, skipping your gym class to take your dog to the dog park on the first nice day. However when you employ this YOLO attitude routinely, it is no longer the exception, but the norm.

When are you most likely to use the YOLO Loophole?

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