Goal Sabotaging Loophole #6 This Doesn’t Count Loophole

After the Planning to Fail Loophole, we’re halfway into the Goal Sabotaging Loophole series, and onto the 6th Loophole; the The Doesn’t Count Loophole.

A funny quote I saw summed up this idea; Calories shouldn’t count when the food doesn’t taste as good as you expected. It’s common to brush things off as not counting, and that’s just the problem; we can nearly always find a reason that our unhealthy habits simply “don’t count”.

It’s my birthday.
I’m traveling.
I’m pregnant.
I only had a few bites.
I’m so tired.
I did a really hard workout.
I’m so stressed I just don’t have time.

The list goes on and on. The truth is; everything counts. Despite what I truly wish were true, the nutritional content of a piece of cake is the same on your birthday as it is any other day of the year. Broken cookies are still cookies, and whether you’re tired or not, in the end you didn’t go to Zumba.

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This isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy an indulgent meal on vacation, or skip your birthday cake, but recognize it as a treat and factor that into your daily choices as you normally would.

What do you say “doesn’t count” and how does that effect your choices?

More fun question: What do you wish didn’t count?

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