Goal Sabotaging Loophole #4 Lack of Control Loophole

Last time we went over the Tomorrow Loophole, which brings us to #4, the Lack of Control Loophole.

Much like the mindset found in the False Choice Loophole, we readily create excuses for not maintaining our goal habits that put the blame on others. Let’s look at some examples that invoke the Lack of Control Loophole:

“I’d love to get more exercise, but it’s been too cold/hot”
“I’m not a morning person, and that’s the only time I could workout”
“My schedule is too sporadic to have any routine”
“I can’t afford to eat healthy”
“I’m just addicted to sugar!”
“It was all-you-can-eat, who can eat a normal portion at those?”
“I don’t like the new kickboxing instructor so I stopped going”

On the surface, some of these statements hold some weight. Working out in the morning isn’t easy for a lot of people, for example, and sugar is a hard thing to cut out.

However, you are still the one in control of your actions. If you really want to do something, you get creative; where there’s a will, there’s a way.

This loophole isn’t always easy to recognize, so try taking a double take when you give yourself – or someone else – a reason you can’t start that heathy habit, or can’t stop an unhealthy one.

Here are a few examples of times I have personally witnessed the Lack of Control Loophole, and how it was remedied:

My mom’s hip was bothering her when she walked for long periods of time which happened to be her go-to form of enjoyable exercise. The cure was laying off it but no timeline was given. It’d be easy to say, “I can’t aggravate my hip, I’ll workout when it’s better”. However, she adapted and found a way to workout that wouldn’t set her back. She now does the recumbent bike and listens to podcasts to entertain her since she’s not outside with moving scenery, and she really enjoys it now!

My husband loves riding his bike when it’s nice out, but in Chicago there are a lot of months it’s not only uncomfortable to bike to work, but dangerous with the ice and snow. He knows he won’t go to the gym, so he got a trainer to put his bike on at home and now can watch TV while getting the workout in that he enjoys without changing his whole routine.

A friend was in crunch time for a test, and felt any extra time for herself should be spent on studying. Instead of foregoing the gym, she brought the text book to the gym and did the bike or elliptical (so her head wasn’t bobbing too much!) and sometimes brought flashcards. The movement actually helped keep her calm and focused while studying, all while keeping her exercise habit strong!

Photo Cred: Shape Magazine

There will always be situations where you’ll have to work harder to stick to your goals, but despite what you tell yourself, you have more control than you think. You also know yourself best. If it’s super hard for you to limit yourself when it comes to chips or ice cream, do not keep these things in the house!

Set yourself up for success by putting yourself in the drivers seat. This may mean getting up earlier, trying different classes until you find the instructor you like, having the waitress not put the basket of chips on the table. Be honest with yourself, and your goals, and bust your excuses by taking control!

Working with a professional health coach will help you set meaningful and realistic goals, and help you get there by holding you accountable. I would love to talk with you about where you’re struggling and come up with an action plan to finally get the results you want! Click here to see how you can work with me, and here to start the conversation.

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