Goal Sabotaging Loophole #3 The Tomorrow Loophole

If you haven’t read the first two, take a moment to check out the False Choice Loophole, and the Moral Licensing Loophole.

The next loophole in this series is the Tomorrow Loophole, an all time favorite for procrastinators. Still, the Tomorrow Loophole isn’t limited to, “I’ll start going to the gym tomorrow”, but also includes making up for our actions tomorrow, “It’s OK if I buy these expensive shoes today, because I just won’t buy myself anything the rest of the week”.

We also tend to think of our future selves as this person who will no longer be tempted by our food cravings. Someone who suddenly enjoys going to the gym for a tough workout. Someone who resists splurging on a new jacket.

What do you think will magically happen when you wake up tomorrow? The truth is, we’re going to face the exact same struggles the next day, the next week, the next month.

Some people even fool themselves into thinking that extreme indulgence now will give them more self-control when the magic future day arrives. But eating a giant bowl of ice cream today doesn’t make it any easier to resist tomorrow, and spending an entire day watching TV doesn’t make a person feel more like working the next morning. – Gretchen Rubin

It doesn’t help, or make any difference for that matter, to justify your indulgences and unhealthy habits with the thought of doing it “tomorrow”. This is procrastination plain and simple. What if you instead told yourself, “I will workout today so it will be easier to workout tomorrow.” or, “I will not have a glass of wine and dessert so I will feel great in the morning.” and, “I will only buy what I came for so I can save for a vacation next month.”?

Look to your future self as someone benefiting from your actions today, not someone who is paying for your actions today.

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What do you routinely promise yourself you’ll do or not do tomorrow? How can you start doing your goal actions today instead?

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