Four Fall Fruits to Stock Up on Now Plus Recipes!

Fall has always been my favorite color palate, and it jut may hold my favorite flavors as well. When I went to write about what to cook with this fall, I immediately went to pumpkin and butternut squash, but I am always posting recipes with those. So I narrowed my choices down to fruits that are available in the fall and have a list of four along with three recipes each that will make your kitchen a happy place!


As much as I wanted to give you something brand new, I absolutely had to put apples on this list. From apple picking to apple cider to apple strudel, apples embody fall. Packed with dietary fiber, plenty of vitamin c, b-complex, and phytonutrients, apples are a cheap and portable way to reap lots of health benefits like preventing dementia and improving neurological health. ( Biting right into them tastes great, but here are some ways to get cooking with apples!

Apple Cabbage SaladRecipe at

Apple Cider Baked ChickenRecipe from

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Oatmeal MuffinsRecipe from


You can nearly always find dried figs, but the fresh ones are typically found August-October. Figs are high in fiber so great for the digestive system and also attributed to lowering cholesterol. I always think of sweet treats with figs, but I found some delicious ways to incorporate them into meals other than dessert!

Brie, Apple, and Fig, Grilled Cheese
Recipe from

Stuffed Turkey Breast with Butternut Squash and FigsRecipe from

Braised Short Rib Tagine with Figs and AlmondsRecipe from


Grapes have a long harvesting season, technically starting in May, however September is the peak production time. Coming in a variety of colors and flavors, grapes have only 90 calories per 1.5 cups, making them a great side or snack. They contain zero cholesterol and are excellent sources of both vitamin C and K. (

Pan Roast Pork Chops with GrapesRecipe from

Honey Chicken Salad with Grapes and FetaRecipe from


Pears are one of the low calorie fruits at just 100 for a medium size pear. They are a good source of fiber and regularly eating pears could help protect against colon cancer. Pears can be hard to time right, if they are too ripe, put them in a paper bag to help speed up the process but check them frequently so you don’t miss the perfect flavor window!

Peppered Pork and PearsRecipe from

Fall Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Pear SaladRecipe from

Caramel & Sea Salt Pear PancakesRecipe from

What recipe screams IT’S FALL!!!! to you? Let us know which of these recipes makes your menu in the comments!

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