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The first weekend of November has arrived; blink once and it’s the new year. It seems the last two months of the year go by without notice, and the first thing to go is your commitment to exercise. Excuses are as rampant as holiday commercials and your mantra quickly becomes, “I have no time!”

The holidays may not be the best time to kickstart a weight loss plan or expect to make drastic changes, but there’s no reason you can’t fit in enough exercise to maintain your level of fitness, even on your busiest days.

30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week is all you need, and adding bursts of intensity (think burpees!) will boost your fitness even more. By eliminating the need for being at the gym, your 30 minute workout is actually 30 minutes. No commute, no parking, no waiting for a machine. If you have family visiting make it a challenge and see who wants to join you. If you only have time to get in 1 set instead of 3, split them up throughout the day; it still counts!

Bodyweight exercises can be just as effective as outside resistance, and don’t overlook objects in the house that can be used as weights. Squats while holding a gallon of milk overhead and lateral raises with soup cans are just a few examples. Here is a 30-minute total body workout complete with cardio bursts that require only yourself.

30 Minutes and Done

If you want help fitting in your 30-minutes of exercise this holiday season, you’re in luck! I’m happy to offer a few specials on Express Packages and hope you take advantage of these deals. In addition to boosting your fitness, these 30-minute sessions will boost your mood and energy to keep you sane while you shop ’till you drop!

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