Find Your Word of the Year

What's your word of the year-

New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for their short lives – which is why I recommend making mediocre resolutions – but targeting your big picture goal for 2016 can keep you focused all year. In an effort to get more organized in my business and create a solid plan for 2016, I completed Wellpreneur’s 2016 Marketing Bootcamp Workbook and found one exercise particularly fun, and useful to anyone who wants a little direction through 2016.

Pick Your Word of the Year
Choosing a word of the year can keep you centered in those times you can’t see the forest for the trees. Your year will ebb and flow with what demands your focus and it’s easy to get so into a project, you ignore the big picture “why”. To pick your word of the year, take out a notebook or even a scrap of paper, picture your biggest dreams for the year and without thinking, start writing words that come to mind. You may find you instantly land on a word that resonates and you’re done, or you may have 8 words that all make sense to you. If you have multiple, step away and play with the words in your mind throughout the day. What sticks with you?

Bring Your Word of the Year to Life
Now comes the creativity! Although this was an option in my workbook, there was no way I was letting a crafty project go undone. Grab some scissors and old magazines; it’s vision board time. Flip through, and cut out words, phrases and/or images that align with your Word of the Year and what you want to bring to your life in 2016. Don’t overthink it, just cut out what you’re drawn to, then arrange your findings on a stiff piece of paper (I used a manilla folder) and glue it all in place. Put it up in a prominent place you’ll see it often; whether by your home or office desk, or bedroom or bathroom mirror. The aim is to constantly remind yourself of your big picture goal and center you to your “why” each day.

Word of th YearMy Word of the year: Empower

WorkspaceMy Vision Board is right above my computer in my home office

Have fun with this project! Let your word of the year center, drive, and propel you forward in 2016!

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