tips to prepare baby's nursery

Essential Tips for Preparing Your Baby’s Nursery

When you’re pregnant with your first child, you have an endless number of things to do—one of the most crucial being setting up your baby’s nursery. As the place where they’ll spend much of their time, an effective nursery is crucial to streamlining your child’s care and comfort. For this reason, everyone could use a few tips for preparing their baby’s nursery.

tips to prepare your baby's nursery

Create a Lighting Plan

In any room of the house, implementing a good lighting plan is key to accomplishing different tasks within that space. As such, it’s important that your nursery’s lighting involves the same level of planning to ensure you have the proper amount.

For instance, you should equip the changing station with more direct lighting to better see what you’re doing, while the natural light from the window will work well enough to show your baby the difference between day and night. Daily, I use a table lamp between his bed and glider so this is a crucial and inexpensive piece for his room.

This doesn’t take hours of planning, or expensive equipment. Simply, a little thought and rearrangement go a long way to perfecting your space.

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Keep Essential Items Within Reach

As you set up your nursery, position any essential products near the stations where you’ll be using them. For example, place items such as diapers and wet wipes close to the changing station to keep your attention on your baby rather than on searching for these things. This takes away any unnecessary stress and ensures you’ll always be prepared.

Prepare as much you can before baby arrives, and once you’re in the routine of their day, adjust from there. This hanging caddy is a lifesaver for us!

Hiccapop Hanging Nursery Caddy

Include a Comfy Place to Sit

When your baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night, having a place to properly soothe them is key to getting the rest you both need. One way to do this is to position a comfortable chair next to the crib so that you always have a spot to sit. This spot can also serve other purposes as the child gets older, such as a place for story time.

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You will spend a lot of time in this chair, so testing one out in person – either a friends’ or at a store – is a great idea. Here is the one I chose for our registry and am still happy with it, years later.

Mikayla Swivel Glider Recliner

Don’t Forget About Storage

In the hustle and bustle of assembling and situating furniture in preparation for your new arrival, it can be easy to forget that you need to set aside space to store excess items. Failing to do so can leave you feeling unorganized and searching for things when you need them most. Start setting aside this extra storage space as you’re assembling the rest of the room.

Personally, I have a cloth bin where I keep clothes the next size up, and a shelf in his (small) closet where I store extra diapers and wipes. This way, I know when I need to reorder because I can clearly see my stash.

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Designing your baby’s nursery items is the first of many important decisions. I help women avoid getting overwhelmed with all the big – and little – decisions that come with having a baby.

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