The Essential Oils in My Hospital Bag

At 36 weeks I packed a hospital bag in hopes that it would be like bringing an umbrella to prevent rain. If the bag is packed, hopefully he won’t come too early!

Although our idea of a natural labor and vaginal delivery changed at 37 weeks when we found out little bud was breech (but healthy!), most of my hospital bag items remained the same. From day one I planned to bring some of my essential oils for our stay, and after some thought, I landed on the following oils for our trip.

Here is what I’m bringing and why:


My initial reason for including lavender was to create a calm environment and to help my husband and I get some sleep between nurse check ins. However another great use is to ease postpartum contractions. After delivery your uterus isn’t done, it’s contracting to get back to it’s normal pre-pregnancy size which I suspect will not be pleasant.

Diffusing lavender at night, or simply applying some to the bottoms of my feet and wrists will help calm my body for better sleep, and mixing with a carrier oil and massaging over my abdomen will help with postpartum contractions.


Known as the King of Oils, Frankincense has a ton of uses. Mixing it with lavender over the abdomen will help with the contractions, and it’s healing properties make it ideal to mix with a carrier oil or dilute with water and apply to the umbilical cord to prevent infection.

Frankincense has a grounding effect and promotes relaxation which some midwives recommend applying one drop to your newborns head or spine to help ease their transition into the world.

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Deep Blue Rub

I recently wrote about my love of Deep Blue Rub, and the entire Deep Blue product line here, so you can bet I’m bringing this soothing lotion along with me!

With a C-section I’m going to be in the hospital longer than I originally thought (I go home on the 4th day) so laying in bed longer than I’m used to, and the new positions of holding and breastfeeding a baby are sure to cause muscle soreness. I can easily apply some Deep Blue Rub to whatever areas need it most and get instant relief.


Helichrysum is one of the newer oils in my personal collection which I bought specifically with childbirth in mind. This oil is known for it’s skin restoring properties, meaning it can help with skin blemishes like scars and stretch marks. Helichrysum also helps stop minor bleeding by encouraging blood to coagulate while giving a soothing sensation and promoting healing.


I’m primarily bringing Fennel to help increase my milk supply, which I will continue to use once I’m home. You can take internally in a capsule or simply dilute and rub into your breast tissue to promote milk production and protect against clogged ducts, infection, and thrush. It should be noted to only use Fennel up to 10 days consecutively before taking a break for a few days.

Fennel also has a positive effect on muscle cramps and spasms so between baby-holding muscle fatigue and abdominal discomfort, Fennel is going to come in handy!

Aroma Touch

Along with the idea of Deep Blue, Aroma Touch Massage Blend was created to help lessen tension and was made for massage. Between tired feet and tension tight shoulders I’m going to take every massage offered and I’ve already pinpointed my mom to be in charge of foot massages with Aroma Touch!


Elevation, also known as the Joyful Blend, has been a go-to of mine for a while. I like to diffuse it in the mornings with a drop of Wild Orange and I regularly rub one drop onto my chest so I can smell it all day. This uplifting scent will give a positive boost to all who visit the room and be a little pick-me-up when I’m ready to go home.

essential oils for your hospital bag

Note on Clary Sage

Clary Sage is a very powerful oil that can actually encourage labor to start by promoting contractions. I had planned to bring it to help strengthen contractions once labor had started. If you are not having a planned C-section you’ll definitely want Clary Sage in your bag! It also helps increase milk supply and has even been noted to aid in postpartum depression and anxiety so I will be using mine once I’m home!

Did you use or do you plan to use essential oils during childbirth and postpartum? Tell us what you used most in the comments!

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