Essential Oil DIY Gift Ideas

It’s suddenly December, when the waves of gift shopping panic starts building in even the most organized people. It’s great when the perfect gift presents itself, but too often you’re left with no idea what to get someone, or a last minute get together leaves you rummaging through your closets in search of something to wrap up. No fun!

While homemade gifts may have you picturing a lopsided paperweight, there are some awesome DIY gift ideas using essential oils that people will actually use, and take minimal time and money to create. Here are my favorites!

Body scrub

I make these for raffle prizes all the time. It’s super easy, I always have ingredients on hand, and by picking a cute jar and ribbon it will make a great gift. All you need is sugar, carrier oil –  I always have fractionated coconut oil on hand, but avocado, jojoba, or grape see oil are all options – and your choice of essential oils.

  1. Depending on the size jar you use, you’ll use a different amount of carrier oil and sugar, but the ratio should be about 3:1 sugar to oil.
  2. Mix in the jar, stirring until combined. You can always add more sugar or oil to adjust the consistency to your liking.
  3. Add 10-20 drops of essential oils, either using one single oil or a mix of a few, totaling up to 20 drops. Stir to combine and close the jar.

You can decorate it as much as you like, with pretty labels (I like these), ribbons, etc. If you want to round out the gift, pair it with washcloth gloves or a candle for a spa experience!

Here are some essential oil combination ideas:

Pick me up – Lemon and Peppermint
Exfoliation – Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot
Relaxation – Lavender and Roman Chamomile
Holiday – Clove, White Fir, Ginger

Dryer balls

Using dryer balls is already a step in creating a more green home. Why? They take the place of fabric softeners that are not only pricey but full of chemicals. They reduce drying time because they help lift and separate the clothes making for better airflow, which results in less need for ironing and the amount of lint on your clothes. So many wins!

All you’ll need for this project is a skein of 100% wool yarn and your choice of essential oils. No knitting skills required!

  1. You’ll start by tightly wrapping the yarn about 10-15 times around a couple of fingers, closer to the tips than the knuckle.
  2. Slip it off your fingers and wrap the yarn around the middle another 10 times.
  3. Tightly wrap the yarn at every angle, wrapping 5-10 times before switching angles, until it’s the size you like, between a tennis ball and softball.
  4. Cut the yarn, weaving the end through several layers of yarn. I like to give these in sets of 3.
  5. Stuff the wool balls into pantyhose or a sock. Wash with other clothes or by themselves in hot water and dry using the hottest setting. You want to no longer see individual layers of yarn, they should be forming a felt like layer melding together. Dry again and again if need be.
  6. Add your oils! Use about 5 drops per ball, many people like Lavender or Wild Orange for a fresh scent.

Since they will want to reapply oils every few washes, I like to give a small bottle of essential oil along with this. You can either give a new bottle or fill a smaller dram to gift.

Room spray

Once you start using natural fragrances to enhance the smell of your home, you’ll scoff at Febreze, Glade, and the like! Synthetic scents just can’t compare with the aroma of pure essential oils, and you’ll benefit physically and emotionally from the properties derived from the oils. This gift is insanely simply to make, too!

  1. Take a 12-16oz dark glass spray bottle (like these) and mix distilled water or witch hazel with your oils.
  2. First add your essential oils of choice, totaling 30 drops.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water or witch hazel and shake.

Fancy it up with a nice label and ribbon!

Massage oil

Another super easy gift to whip up quick and easily. Essential oils lend themselves perfectly to massage, often used in chiropractic care and massage therapy, so giving the gift of an at-home massage is welcome especially during the stress of the holiday season.

  1. Much like the room spray, use an 8-12oz dark glass spray bottle, this time mixing a carrier oil with your essential oils of choice.
  2. First add your essential oils, totaling 15-30 drops depending on the size of your bottle and preference.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil; fractionated coconut, jojoba, almond, avocado, etc.

This is an easy one to dress up with a label and ribbon, and you can even include spa socks or a cute eye mask to complete the massage theme.

Here are some essential oil combination ideas:
Peppermint and Eucalyptus
Lavender and Geranium or Bergamot
Cypress and Frankincense

Neck wrap

The winter is when I most feel that strain in my neck from scrunching up because of the cold weather, although if you’re at a computer most of the day or are carting around a car seat, the feeling of neck tension is year round! This nifty gift of an essential oil scented rice filled wrap can be heated up and placed around the shoulders to relieve tension and relax the body.

This gift takes a little more skill but there are a few options depending on how crafty you want to get.

Zero sewing skills:

  1. Get a tube sock – not an old plain one, go to Target and get a cute design! – and pour about 3 cups uncooked rice into it.
  2. Tie a knot in the top of the sock.
  3. Add a few (3-5) drops of your choice of essential oils to the outside of the sock.
  4. To use: heat in microwave for 2 minutes and place on neck.

Some sewing skills:

  1. Get flannel fabric of choice and cut two 8″X20″ pieces.
  2. Place patterned sides together and pin along edges.
  3. With patterned sides together, sew ¼” seam all the way around the fabric leaving a three-inch opening on a short end and turn right sides out.
  4. Divide the length of the fabric into four equal sections and mark with a fabric marker.
  5. Loosely fill the first quarter with two cups of rice or flax seeds.
  6. Sew on marked line. Repeat until all four sections are filled.
  7. Sew opening closed.
  8. Just like the sock, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) to the fabric.

Just like the dryer balls, I like to give a small bottle of essential oil along with this. You can either give a new bottle or fill a smaller dram to gift.

Happy gifting!

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