Enhance Your Home with Diffusers

Before essential oils where popular, I remember using a reed diffuser with a generic vanilla scent (God only knows what was actually in that oil!)  in my college dorm room. Essential oils, and diffusers for that matter, have come a LONG way since then!

For most people, myself included, using essential oils aromatically with a diffuser is their first experience.

I enrolled with dōTERRA with a Home Essentials Kit mainly because it included their Petal Diffuser, and had fun experimenting with different blends. It was like a gateway into the world of essential oils!

Diffusers are an excellent way to start with essential oils, and make your home even more inviting along the way.

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Today I’m going to go over the basics of using a diffuser and give you some ideas on how to make the most of them in your home, plus some of my favorite diffuser blend recipes!

Diffuser Basics

How to use
My favorite type of diffusers are the popular humidifying diffusers which use water to mist the essential oils into the air. They are insanely easy to use. With  the Petal Diffuser for example, you simply take the top off the base, fill water to the fill line and put whichever oils you wish to diffuse directly into the water. Replace the top and turn it on; done!

Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, making them appropriate for different sized rooms. The Petal Diffuser is pretty compact which I like, and will cover around 330 square feet. When buying a diffuser check out the coverage so you know what to expect, and it will effect how many drops you put in.

A lot of diffusers have other features like light, sound, and/or timer. Personally, I like diffusers to have some type of variable timer which allows me to adjust how long I want it to run. The Petal has the option of 1, 2, and 4 hours so if I’m going to leave the house soon I’ll just put it on 1 hour, but if I’m home all day on a weekend I’ll set it to 4.

I got the Whale Diffuser for my very-soon-to-be-here baby’s room and am excited to use the variety of LED lights that will project on the walls and ceiling, plus it has 3 choices of natural sounds, perfect for nap time.

Diffuser design is important for the aesthetic you wish to create in your home. This could be different depending on which room you want it in and how you plan to use it. The Whale Diffuser is perfect for a nursery but I want something more sleek for the living room, something that blends in with the rest of my furniture. Luckily you have options, even when shopping solely doTERRA. Amazon has a ton of other options as well.

Using diffusers in your home

Set the mood 
There are infinite ways to effect the mood and feel of your home with a diffuser. Here are some examples:

Sleep – Use oils like Lavender, Vetiver, and/or Roman Chamomile to help set the tone for bed.

Seasonal – Diffuse oils that boost the smells of the season! Generally, I go for citrus based oils like Wild Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit in the spring and summer, and warm oils like Clove, Cinnamon, and Siberian Fir in the colder months.

Energy – I love to use my oils to effect the energy level I want to achieve. I’ll use Motivate or Peppermint and Lemon when I want to knock out some work, and if I’m having people over I’ll use oils that promote an uplifting mood like Wild Orange.

Boost your health
Diffusing oils like On Guard will support your immune system so using it in high allergy times or with kids going back to school is a great idea. Breathe helps your body maintain clear airways and minimizes the effects of seasonal threats.

Eliminate smells
Placing a small diffuser in the bathroom or kitchen (i.e. by the garbage) where smells are most potent is a pleasant and natural way to neutralize bad odors. Especially when having guests, diffusing Purify helps eradicate odors and cleans the air. Citrus oils are also great for this purpose.

Now for the fun part; diffuser blend recipes!

Do you use essential oils? If you’re curious about where to start, check out my page on essential oils here or email me with your questions at samantha@simplywellcoaching.com!

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