Create a Clear Vision of Who You Want to Be

I work with women on mindset shifts that will allow them to get the most enjoyment out of their life. But to make a change, you have to know what you’re changing to.

Mindset work can be tricky because it’s not a clear tangible thing. It’s a way of feeling, a way of being.

Creating a clear vision of the way you want to be will become your blueprint in making changes in how you think and respond in a way that aligns with who you want to be.

Here are a few of my favorite exercises to help make some major mindset shifts.

How do you want to feel

Make a list with two columns:

What feelings do I want more of?

What makes me feel this way now?

For example, I want to feel at ease and trusting of my actions. I notice that when I am outdoors walking (or running, or hiking) this feeling comes very easily. With that information, I added a short walk in the mid afternoon when I tend to feel a slump.

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Maybe you want to feel confident. Perhaps you notice when you’re talking with your best friends, you don’t doubt yourself as much. You could start texting, meeting up with, or FaceTiming with these friends more regularly, being more proactive in how often you talk instead of waiting to hear from them.

Look at specific situations

I want you to think right now about 3 specific situations that you wish you had reacted/experienced differently.

Next, think of how this person you aim to be would respond.

Let’s say you want to be less controlling. The situation is that you started making dinner and your spouse offers to take over while you tend to the baby. It’s a simple dinner you’re cooking, yet you instruct exactly how you want it done, and keep coming back in to check that they are doing it “right”. When they start plating it, you come in and switch the plates to the ones you would use.

Now, you picture how the less controlling you would respond. Maybe that person would say, “Omg thank you that would really help!” They would leave the kitchen, and be fully present playing with the baby instead of checking in. They would see the overall picture of dinner being made instead of the details they would have done differently.

Who do you admire?

Make a short list of 5 people you admire. Who in your life, or even a celebrity, would you love to emulate? Next, write out what qualities they possess that you look up to.

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If you have trouble placing yourself in the previous “how would I want to react” exercise, feel free to picture how this person would react.

If you know me well, you know that I love Drew Barrymore. She would be on my list for sure. Beside her name I would write, “Optimistic, genuine, light, bubbly, confident.” Keep in mind, if you have celebrities/personalities on your list, you are writing how they appear because you really don’t know and that’s OK. It’s how they come off to you and make you feel.

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Changing your thought patterns and routine reactions doesn’t happen overnight. It is the everyday small choices in our actions and reactions that make us who we are. Each day you are presented with a great deal of opportunities to show up as the person you want to be, living life the way you want to experience it.

Many women confide in me that they don’t know exactly what aligned life and mindset they are after. I help women slow down, cut out the noise, so they can improve their life from the inside out. If anything in you is ready to for a different way, let’s talk.

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