Bust out of your routine with a local bucket list

I know you’re all familiar with this scene:

“What do you want to do this weekend?”

“I don’t know, I guess we could [insert one of three rotating activities]”


“Let’s eat out, what do you want?”

“I don’t know, let’s get [insert one of the four restaurants you always go to].”

Unless you live in a super tiny town, you know there are so many more options, but when it comes down to making a decision, you go with what you know you. Those places and activities are probably a great time, but do you get the feeling that you’re not taking advantage of living where you live?

Brett and I get in the same loop, but after one of our summers in Chicago, we recognize when we’re hitting it and change things up.

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We created a summer bucket list, and not only did it give us a focused agenda for the summer, it opened up our rotation of regular activities for the rest of our time living there.

Here’s how to create a local bucket list:

Start a list of all the places you’ve ever said, “We should go there!” But never actually go. List activities that have specific times, like ballgames or things only open or enticing part of the year like popular ice cream shops or a beach or lake spot.

You can get fancy and create categories (restaurants, bars, dessert, outdoor activities, places that require tickets, etc.) however we just lumped everything onto one list.

Put your list on the fridge or somewhere prominent like next to your family calendar.

Now, when you’re stuck in that loop of “What do you want to do?” and “Where should we eat?”, go to that list and pick something to cross off.

It’s amazing the sense of purpose it adds to your weekend and if you don’t utter, “How have we never gone here before?!” at least once I will be absolutely shocked.

We had lived in Chicago for 6 years before ever going to the Garfield Park Conservatory and it instantly became a staple!

Don’t be afraid to add things on as people mention places you haven’t heard of and keep growing your list! Click below to download and print right now!

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