Avoid These 2 Mistakes for Better Mornings

Read any post on morning routines and you’ll find a list of things to add to those early hours. Don’t get me wrong, there are some wonderful things to start doing in the mornings, but don’t overlook what you leave out.

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Stop hitting snooze

I’ll admit it, I was never a Snoozer. The jarring sound of an alarm one time was enough for me to not want to experience it over and over again. I always set my alarm for the last possible minute, even if it meant a weird time like 6:07, so I HAD to get up or I’d be late.

However, I realize that I am not in the majority. Check out these alarming stats (see what I did there?) from Apartmenttherapy.com! Here are the top tips for ending your relationship with the Snooze button.

Use an app

There are a ton of apps out there designed to make snoozing a distant memory. From solving a math problem to scanning a QR code and even taking a well-lit selfie. Try a few to see what works. If you find a winner, stick with it for at least a week, which may just be enough time to break the habit.

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Put your phone across the room

Make yourself get out of bed and don’t look back. That truly is half the battle, isn’t it? Leaving a comfy bed isn’t easy so force yourself to rip off the bandaid.

Find an easier time

If you use a sleep tracking app like FitBit, look through your history and find a time that you are more likely to be in a lighter sleep state. If you have no idea, adjust by 15ish minutes for a week and see if you feel a difference.

Go to bed earlier

Yeah, yeah, yeah, easier said than done. Do not underestimate the power of simply going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier!

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This week 👉 Experiment and find the best one for you.

Say No to the Scroll and Email

Laying in bed and scrolling social may sound relaxing but I promise you your brain thinks otherwise. When you instantly dive into social, you not only take yourself out of the present, but you give yourself zero time to asses how you feel, what you think, and what you want out of your day.

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You’re throwing yourself into other people’s opinions, agendas, and stories. You also create a blackhole of time. How often do you start to scroll, then check the time and think, WTF?!

Try this for a week 👉 Do not use your phone until you have been awake and up for at least 15 minutes. You get a pass if you’re using a meditation app or following a yoga/exercise video 😉.

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