A Simple Mindset Shift to Go With the Flow

You sifted through an insane amount of information, settled on the best actions to take, even figured out how to implement them (go you!) and they were working.

You were seeing the changes you wanted to see, and it was really, REALLY exciting! Things were lining up perfectly. Everything just *clicked*.

Then, you feel things backslide. You don’t have the same positive excitement you had before. It’s like all your efforts are failing.

So, you grasp for more control. Search for a better plan. Force things back on track. Why does it feel like so much work?

I’ve felt this. More than once!

I got my run coaching certification, and even started a side-gig of coaching marathon runners! Then, I needed to cut back on running myself.

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Our entire IVF experience felt like it wasn’t going according to my plan. I thought I’d take a pill, do an IUI or 3 and be pregnant. NOPE!

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Now, I made all the changes I needed to get my cycle back. But getting pregnant with #2 isn’t happening like I thought it would.

It’s really temping to think things are falling apart. It’s easy to get frustrated and throw your hands up in defeat.

N O T H I N G I S W O R K I N G O U T!

I’m not going to give you that, “everything happens for a reason” BS. I honestly think it’s incredibly dismissive.

But, what if you woke up every day with the assumption that your life was falling into place, just like it’s supposed to?

What if there was a better plan at play that you simply don’t know about?

I can 100% guarantee that there is no downside to this tactic.

You can live each day trying to control your outcomes, or you can live each day doing what you believe is right and trust that it will deliver in the way it’s meant to.

It sounds great, right? What I see happen, though, is enthusiasm for a few days, then a single negative thought spiral and BAM! Back to feeling lost and the cycle continues.

I get it! This happens to all of us. The difference between living with trust and love or worry and control, is how quickly you reject the negative feelings and hop back on the trust train.

If you’re ready to stop the control and fear/trust and love cycle, I am so ready to work with you! I am committed to not only inspiring, but holding my clients accountable to jumping into the life they want to live. Ditch the rules, ditch the guilt, and find balance and joy.

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