8 Essentials of an Energizing Morning Routine

To be honest, I used to pooh-pooh the morning routine craze. I felt everyday was different, so why bother having a routine. I would walk the dog, make coffee, and grab something to eat at some point, in some order. Having an energizing routine just didn’t seem plausible or important.

With a newborn, my mornings were even more unpredictable. I didn’t know how many times I’d be up through the night, when hour day would start, or the mood he’d greet me with.

Then, things changed

Once Owen was sleeping through the night, and not a screaming banshee upon waking (a short year later!), I began getting up a little earlier than he did. I came to look forward to that so much, I inched my alarm earlier and earlier.

Here is my routine at the moment:

5:30 – Alarm goes off
5:40 – Changed and downstairs, drink water
5:40-5:55 – Morning stretch/yoga (I follow YouTube videos like this!)
6:00 – I pour coffee, and start a daily news podcast (Currently I listen to What a Day and Up First)
6-6:50 – Work (usually a post, preparing a newsletter, or maintaining my Tailwind account), make my toddler breakfast, and prep mine, before getting him out of bed

This is a work in progress, and I tinker with it slowly. On weekends, I don’t do my routine either one or both days, primarily because I am up a bit later. And, I notice a difference in my mood immediately upon waking.

Now, I’m fully planted in camp Morning Routine

Here are the essential elements of an energizing and productive morning routine:


Water is vital to our health. There is a lot of information circulating, that drinking water first thing in the morning will have specific health benefits. While many are myths, drinking water, regardless of time, is essential to our overall health.

Drinking it first thing in the morning simply ensures you’re off to a great start. It varies from person to person, but women are advised to drink around 9 cups. Although, for those moms-to-be, 10 is recommended.

I like to get my tumbler full the night before so it’s waiting for me when I get downstairs.

Slow Movement

Taking your body through some type of slow movement in the morning awakens your body in such an enjoyable way. I take 10-15 minutes to go through a simple yoga flow, either following a video, or my own intuition. Here are a few ways to move:

  • Yoga
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Tai Chi
  • Breathing exercises
  • Foam rolling

Quiet Reflection

Build in 10-20 minutes to focus on you. This can take many forms, but the purpose is to reflect on yourself and your needs, outside of others (work, family, friends). Some ideas:


It’s very easy to have your mind spiraling with to-do’s of the day and week head of you. Meditating will calm your mind, and bring you into the moment. Just 5-10 minutes can do wonders.

Check out this post for apps to try out if you are new to meditating, or enjoy guided meditation: Meditation Apps: Mindfulness at Your Fingertips


I don’t have exercise in my morning routine just yet. Between the YMCA and Fit4Mom, I tend to workout later in the morning or afternoon. Still, getting your workout in before your real day begins is the definition of energizing!

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The key to fitting exercise into your morning routine, is being as efficient as possible. You can get an amazing workout done in 20-30 minutes without a gym. This cuts out any commute, and with the options of running and bodyweight exercises, you don’t even need equipment.

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My top posts on at home workouts:


Especially if you have a workout in your morning routine, you’re going to want a shower. You don’t have to spend a long time in the shower to emerge completely refreshed!

Many people – including my husband – rave about a cold shower. I’m not there just yet, however, you can start by ending your shower with a blast of cold water and going from there. Also, try using an invigorating soap, like Dr. Bronner’s Organic Peppermint Soap.

Healthy Breakfast

The place of breakfast in your morning routine depends on how soon your body needs food after you wake. Personally, I can be up for 2 hours before I feel the need to eat, but others feel ravenous after 30 minutes.

Either way, something healthy, filling, and quick, is key. Your breakfast should leave you ready to take on the day, not ready to lay on the couch.

Here are ideas:

I also like to prep my toddler’s breakfast so I just have to finish it when he gets up, not start from scratch.

Pleasurable Drink

I look forward to my morning cup of coffee like a child looks forward to Christmas morning. It’s a factor in how quickly I get my butt out of bed! Whatever your pleasure, stock up on a treat-yo-self kind of drink. If possible, prep it the night before. I preset my coffee maker so it’s running when I am going through my yoga flow.

Treat-yo-self morning drink ideas

Plan for Your Day

Generally, I have an idea of what my day holds from glancing at it the night before. But, when it comes to details, the morning is when I solidify the details of my day.

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The way you plan comes down to personal preference. You could go totally digital, using platforms like Trello and Google Calendar, or get yourself a physical planner.

Personally, I use a mix. For example, I enter client and personal appointments in Google Calendar since they are usually planned a week or more in advance, and often on the go. Then, each morning, I look at my Google Calendar and plan out my day including what’s on Google.

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Time-blocking is essential for a productive day.

If you have one of those nights you hardly sleep, or your kid wakes up sick, or school is cancelled, etc., your whole day will be planned differently then it would have the night before.

Time-blocking is a bit looser than a specific timed schedule, meaning you won’t feel the stress of being minute-to-minute.

Right now, I am sectioning off 4 blocks in my day, and writing what I’d like to do during that time. Here’s what that may look like:


Walk the dog
Storytime at 10:30
Outline and intro to post
Email Laura back


Dinner prep
Finish post
Write Fit4Baby workout


Park playdate at 3:30
Turbokick at 5:30


Meal plan

This helps me avoid that feeling of “Gah, what should I be doing?!” Wasting time (when it’s not on purpose) is one of the blah-est feelings, but with time-blocking you can feel confident that you’re doing exactly what needs attention without second guessing or completely forgetting something important.

Lastly, don’t try all of these at once.

Especially if you currently have no routine. Start by getting up 20 minutes earlier, and stretching. Then, add quiet reflection, and so on. Gradually, get up earlier, and fill that time with another essential item on this list.

Soon, you’ll be looking forward to the comfort and energy your morning routine provides!

I work with women on their motherhood journey, when routines seem to disappear. Having a fresh perspective and someone to be accountable to helps new moms and moms-to-be find a healthy routine that works! Email me at  Samantha@simplywellcoaching.com and during your free 20 minute Discovery Call we can decide if you’re a fit for health coaching!

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