7 Doulas Share Their Best Tips for Having a Calm Birth

Doulas are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. But what is a doula? A doula is a trained non-medical professional who provides comfort and support to a birthing mother, partner, and her baby. Their support is practical and emotional, and can make for a calmer birth experience.

Since not every mom-to-be has room in their birth plan for a doula, I’ve gathered some of the best tips from 7 amazing doulas! In this post, they share their best tips on having a calm birth.

Olivyah Bowens, Her Holistic Path

“Although I focus on using different positions, essential oils, and other relaxation techniques, the mothers I have assisted who have the smoothest and calmest birth experiences are the ones who mentally prepare themselves throughout their pregnancy.

The more you train the mind to remain calm, the easier it is to tap into that calming energy while in labor. You want to have practiced finding the space of riding each contraction like a wave so that when it’s happening, your mind and body already know what to do. Not only does this help you to perceive less pain, but it can help your body create more oxytocin which can lead to a shorter labor.” (As told to Onceuponafarmorganics.com)

Kicki Hansard, Author of The Secrets of Birth

Nobody can make the birth process quicker. It doesn’t matter how many midwives are present, there’s nothing anyone can do to speed the process up. This can be difficult to accept. All a partner or family can do is be present, supportive and encouraging. Once couples understand this fact then it feels more relaxing. That’s where doulas can be with the couple to reassure them that everything is normal.” (as told to Netdoctor.co.uk)

Christine Robinson, Doulas of Asheville

Prepare but don’t overwhelm yourself with information. It’s most important to feel good about how you’ll make decisions with your care providers as they come up. Build a support team that will help you feel cared for, validated, and centered in your birth experience no matter what.”

Annie Spindler, Doula and Acupuncturist

I would recommend Acupuncture to any expecting mother. Studies show that having had acupuncture before the labor starts can actually help shorten the duration of labor and make contractions more efficient.
It can ease pain, fear or stress before and during the labor resulting in smooth transitions and positive outcomes.”

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei, Sweet Stellas

“[know that] Birth trauma and complications happen. The best thing that you can do to prepare for the possibility of it happening to you is to talk openly about it. If you’re worried about a specific complication, read up about it in advance so you aren’t caught off guard trying to process medical terminology or instructions from doctors and nurses immediately after you give birth.”

Becky Leonard, Nourish

Creating a space that feels loving, warm, and safe allows our bodies to progress through labor in a less stressful way. With this peaceful environment, we lower our anxiety and adrenaline, which allows our bodies to feel less pain.

An amazing way to create a peaceful birth environment, is to place flameless candles around the room, dim the lights, and bring your own special pillow and blanket so that the room feels and smells like your space. Bring some essential oil — especially lavender — and have it diffusing in the room. Also, bring your iPod filled with relaxation music. It will make your labor room feel like a spa, and your pain will melt away.” (as told to Cafemom.com)

Bali Noelle, Mountain Doula Services

I think knowing who you are and what you like is a great way to have a calm birth experience. A good example is the environment you’re giving birth in and how music plays a role on your mood! Ocean waves and other ambient music would just irritate my soul. So, I preferred to give birth to my Beyoncé Pandora station. Everyone has different styles. Be mindful that what you see in someone else’s birth video may not be best for you.”

Thinking through a birth plan is one of many personal steps you make in pregnancy. I help women avoid getting overwhelmed with all the big – and little – decisions that come with having a baby.

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