6 Essentials for Personal Growth in 2022

Welcome to January, the time of year when we become hyper-focused on improving our lives. While I adamantly believe self-improvement shouldn’t be limited to any calendar date, there’s something undeniably attractive about the start of a new year, as Gretchen Rubin describes as an example of The Strategy of the Clean Slate.

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I also believe there is nothing more worthwhile than working on your own personal growth, ya know as opposed to having an income or weight goal. Here are 6 essentials to incorporate into your year for significant personal growth this (or any) year.

1️⃣ Gratitude

Before you roll your eyes and say, “Yeah, yeah, be grateful, check.” I want you to know that when taken to heart, this one action can change your life. Start small, and take a moment each night to think of 1 thing that made you feel happy/joyful/loved/thankful/excited that day.

Soon, you’ll be easily thinking of more than one without trying. What happens next is where the magic is. You’ll start to notice these small gratitudes in the moment. Yes, you can be one of those people that sees a beautiful sunrise and actually pauses to register it.

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2️⃣ Focus

We are a culture of multitaskers, which actually makes us less productive. Take time this year to hone your focusing skills. Make a shortlist each day (1-3 tasks, seriously, stop there!) that you want to focus on and accomplish. Give each task your full attention by turning off notifications, blocking time in your schedule, and/or setting a timer, and get used to the feeling of immersing yourself in one single task.

3️⃣ Read

Take time to read something of true interest, and scrolling doesn’t count! Find your medium of choice, which may take some tinkering with if you aren’t a reader, and get lost in words. Get acquainted with your library, or if the thrill of buying a new book is motivation, go for it. Find blogs that write about topics that interest you that you never take time to indulge in. Audiobooks count, but only if you can focus and retain, not just to have on in the background.

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4️⃣ Inspiration

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when lacking inspiration. Surround yourself with things and people that inspire you to be who you want to be. First, identify what skill or aspect you want to grow. Maybe you always envied people who have a green thumb. In that case, follow gardening or house plant account on Instagram, go to a local gardening workshop, or simply go to plant shops and meander around and see what pops up!

5️⃣ Boundaries

Woof. This is a big one, but don’t let it intimidate you. The goal of setting boundaries is to protect your time and energy, and no one can do this but you. Start by getting to know yourself by pinpointing situations that drain you. What actions or circumstances leave you annoyed or resentful? After a long day do you crave time alone or do you need to surround yourself with friends/family?

If you need time alone, a boundary you may want to set is turning down invites to after-work activities most nights a week. If you resent your boss for asking you to take on someone else’s work, a boundary could be that you start saying your plate is too full to take that one right now.

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6️⃣ Creative flow

Carve out time each day and do something that you can be fully immersed in. What do you miss that you stopped doing when you got too busy? It could be reading, baking, writing, making art, etc. This does not have to be a means to an end, this can be pure enjoyment. What I mean is that I see people do something for fun like paint, and everyone around them chimes in that they should sell it. You do not have to make money for something to be worth your time.

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