5 Things moms can do at night for an easier day

5 Things Moms Can Do At Night For An Easier Day

As a part-time working, and nearly full time stay at home mom, the last thing I want to do is pack tasks into that sacred time between my toddler’s bedtime and mine.

However, doing these few things at the end of my day, make things so much easier when I get up, that it is totally worth it!

I’ve had a couple of these habits since before having my son, and added the others now that my schedule is no longer my own.

Here are 5 things I do at night that make for an easier day:

Plan transitions

It used to be a pretty smooth process to go from one activity to the next. I knew how long it’d take me to get out the door, and could leave a smidge of buffer room to go from one thing to the next.

It’s completely different with kids! As you know, everything takes, at minimum, twice as long, and you end up looking like a bag lady with all the stuff you end up schlepping.

A lot more brain power goes into getting from Point A to Point B, and if you’re dealing with a child having a meltdown, it can feel impossible.

Instead of feeling like you’re flying by the seat of your yoga pants, take a few minutes – yes, just a few minutes – to think through the transitions you’ll encounter the following day.

Here is what that looks like: Some mornings I take Owen with me to the Y to workout and shower. Instead of gathering my things before leaving, I prep my gym/shower bag the night before, and make sure his diaper bag is good to go. Now, I just have to get him ready and grab my bags, not having to pack and think with a toddler grabbing for my attention.

You likely have your everyday transitions down pat, like the daycare drop off, so focus on planning for those you don’t do everyday. Prepare what you can the night before – packing bags, putting extra snacks in the diaper bag, etc. – and check your route so you know where you’re going and how long it should take.

Know what’s for dinner

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking beef Wellington from scratch or picking up Chipotle on your way home from work, just know what you’re doing for dinner.

My day can snowball and I always hate scrambling to throw something together, run to the grocery, or order takeout simply because I didn’t plan well.

When you think of this the night before, you can plan when you’ll cook, shop, or pickup, instead of stressfully squeezing it into your day.

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Get the coffee ready

So simple, yet so crucial. If you are a morning coffee person (you’re a mom, right?) take 90 seconds the night before to either set your coffee maker to auto start or get it ready to press On before you have to talk to another human.

Layout your clothes

It’s still a family joke how I used to sleep in my “day clothes” so I didn’t have to waste precious time changing in the morning. At 8 years old I was ahead of my time.

The next best thing after sleeping in your clothes, is to set them out the night before. Minimizing your decisions that you waste brain power on in the morning truly pays. Instead of staring into your closet, you can be halfway through that cup of coffee.

Pick up surfaces

Coming downstairs to a clear kitchen counter, table, and coffee table is just so lovely! I’m not talking about cleaning the surfaces, but putting away the random things the coffee table has collected throughout the day, and putting the cutting board in it’s spot and dishes in the dishwasher.

Waking up to a kitchen and living room with less cluttered surfaces feels good in the moment, and is easier to do the more often you get to it.

Add one of these things to your bedtime routine tonight and see how it affects your day! Did I miss something? What do you do at night that makes for an easier day?

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