tips for working out at home

5 Quick & Easy Tips for Working Out at Home

It’s just as important for moms and moms-to-be to get in their workouts as it is for children to get their daily exercise, but for many of us, it’s hard to find the time. You’re already doing so much in your day-to-day life—how are you supposed to fit in exercise?

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Well, one of the main benefits of working out at home is that getting that daily exercise is much easier. Save yourself the stress of working out at a gym and use that much-needed time to spend more time with your children—check out these tips for working out at home!

Build a Designated Fitness Spot

The first step to working out at home is making sure you have the space to do it. If you have to clean off the living room floor each time you work out, chances are you don’t.

So, you have to make sure to designate a workout zone—for a lot of people, that’s the basement or a bonus room. Get a yoga mat, a treadmill or bike, and some weights and create a spot where you go to get in that vital exercise.

Start Small

It’s important for expectant mothers and new mommies to start small as they get back into their fitness routines—you don’t want to overdo it, or you risk stressing your body in the wrong way.

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Begin your workouts in small increments; don’t exercise for an hour right off the bat. Begin with yoga, then move on to the treadmill, then to strength exercises, and so on. Get your body used to the movement before you start really getting into it.

quick and easy tips or working out at home

Stream Online Workouts

Whether you’ve just started working out again or you’ve been working out for a while, online workouts are great. Tons of different sites can provide you with awesome online workouts, whether you like dancing or butt-burners. For example, YouTube and Vidergize (like Netflix for workouts) offer tons of different exercises you can follow along with.

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Keep a Few Workouts in Your Back Pocket

For those moments when you don’t have time to set up the laptop, you’ll want to be able to pull a few quick exercises from your back pocket. Try to keep a few different workouts handy for those moments where you have 15 minutes of unplanned free time.

Commit some of your favorite routines to memory, from heart-pumping cardio to quick leg workouts. That way, you’ll be able to use the most of your time. If you love YouTube, create a playlist so your top workout videos are a click away!

Be as Consistent as Possible

The more you get into a routine, the easier it will be to get in your exercise each day. Once you become more consistent with your workouts, you’ll feel much more energized to keep going. But don’t get frustrated if things come up and you miss a day, as is bound to happen to a mother; just try to get some movement in.

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