5 Essential Oils for Metabolism and Weight Management

There’s certainly no shortage of weight loss and metabolism boosting products out there, but the vast majority aren’t close to healthy not to mention natural.

Luckily, essential oils has your back. In this post I’m going to cover 5 essential oils that naturally help boost your metabolism and curb cravings, making it easier to eat healthier and set your system up for success!


This popular citrus oil’s primary benefits is supporting a healthy metabolism and uplifting your mood, a win-win! It has a bright invigorating scent that is wonderful to diffuse especially when making healthy changes in your diet to help keep you motivated and positive.

Adding a drop to your water is a great way to lightly suppress your appetite, increase metabolism, and actually help activate enzymes that break down brown body fat!

You can use grapefruit oil topically to help with the appearance of cellulite, just take caution and avoid direct sunlight to the area of application for 12 hours (it will burn!).


The top-selling essential oil has been a favorite since the beginning. It’s a powerful cleanser and mood booster, but I’m mentioning it in this post for it’s detoxification properties which help aid in digestion.

Like grapefruit, adding a drop of lemon to your water (actually pairs well with grapefruit for a more refreshing taste!) helps with heartburn and reflux while detoxifying your body naturally and helping cleanse the lymphatic system. You can even apply to the ears and ankles to cleanse and balance pH.


This powerfully refreshing oil is great for upset tummies as it promotes digestive health when used internally. It’s a wonderful oil to boost alertness and concentration which is perfect for trying to stick to healthy eating and fitness habits.

It can help reduce cravings so inhaling or applying a drop under your nose between meals is a good way to reap these beneficial properties. Taking it internally (with water or in a veggie pill capsule) or diluting and rubbing over your abdomen will help with digestive discomfort as well.


Ginger is widely known for it’s ability to ease nausea and morning sickness, but it also helps with heartburn, reflux, colic, and constipation. An all around digestive hero! Take internally in a capsule to help fight heartburn and reflux and diffuse or apply topically on wrists to help ease nausea.

It increases heat production, helping boost metabolism and also reduces sugar cravings. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps fight disease causing inflammation in the intestines meaning you will more readily absorb vitamins and minerals.

Cinnamon Bark

It’s great that cinnamon is an easy oil to cook with (hello pumpkin cookies!) because it’s another oil that supports a healthy metabolism so eat up! You can put a drop in your hot tea to naturally flavor your drink while reaping the health benefits like increasing blood flow to the limbs to help with heart issues and cholesterol.

But that’s not all. Cinnamon oil has been proven to help regulate blood sugar, helping reduce cravings, which is great for everyone but especially those with diabetes.

All of these oils are great to cook with or add to beverages so making them a part of your daily routine couldn’t be easier!

For more information on essential oils – from how to use them to how to get them in your home – check out my Essential Oils page here!

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