5 Amazing & Free Period Tracking Apps for 2020

When I first got my period, I remember tracking it meant circling the date I started on my physical calendar.

I know! Things are insanely different now, and there are some stellar apps out there that help you easily track your period, and so much more.

Why track your cycle?

There’s a misconception that you only need to track your period if you’re trying to get pregnant. There is much more you can gain from simply tracking what’s going on with your flow.

For starters, it’s pretty common to have irregular cycles, so wouldn’t it be nice not to be surprised every month? Getting to know your patterns and how your body feels right before you start is super helpful.

The flip side of tracking to get pregnant, is tracking to not get pregnant. Knowing your most fertile days works just as well for those TTC as those wishing to avoid it.

One last thing I’ll throw out there, is how indicative your cycle is to your overall health. As I’ve written before, when I went off the pill my period didn’t return which was a signal my exercise had gotten to intense and my body fat too low. Your period is healthy when you are healthy.

Now that you’re on board for tracking your cycle, here are 5 amazing (and FREE) apps that make tracking super easy!


With 500, 000 ratings, it’s easy to see that Flo works for a lot of women. This app has a sleek and simple design so you always know where you are in your cycle from a glance.

Flo uses machine learning to help predict your cycle, so it’s likely best if you are close to regular. If you rely on your Apple Watch, Flo’s got your back with a thoughtful interface.

It’s easy to track all things related to your cycle, from mood, symptoms, sex, and more!


Cycles touts itself as a period and fertility tracker, that uses scientific backed fertility tracking that has an accuracy of up to 95%. Cycles is committed to helping you understand your cycle and detect patterns.

One interesting feature that Cycles has, is the ability to share with your partner. You become very familiar with your cycle and how that affects your mood and energy, but your partner is often left in the dark. This can be very helpful in eliminating the guesswork and arguments that stem from simply not knowing what’s going on with you emotionally and physically.


Full disclosure, this is the app I’m using right now. In 2019 Clue was named as the recommended period and fertility tracking app in Obstetrics & Gynecology (a publication from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). They are also led by women and fund menstrual health research which is a bonus.

Something that may not be important to some, but a nice touch, is that Clue refrains from using euphemisms, pink, and girly emblems like butterflies, making this feel appropriate for any age.

There are a variety of data you can enter (I entered that I had a headache last week), and the more date you enter, the smarter and more accurate Clue gets. This app is great for tracking somewhat irregular cycles.


Eve (by Glow) is a period tracker that predicts your next period, and chances of pregnancy. Again, you can track many symptoms and data that will help you “forecast” future cycles.

A difference in Eve is they have an emphasis on sex, which many women don’t feel comfortable asking questions about. Eve helps you become a “sexpert” and feel confident in bed aside from helping you learn more about your cycle.

My Calendar

This app is elegant, and very feminine if that’s your style. They are committed to being an accurate tracker even for women with irregular periods by having lots of data points to track.

My Calendar is big on visuals and gives you creative options to make the app look as you like (within their parameters, obvi.). A unique feature is that it is password protected, keeping your information for your eyes only.

There you have it! 5 amazing and free period tracking apps to help you know your cycle better. There are a lot of options out there, so I definitely recommend downloading a few to try, even at the same time. See which ones are easiest for you to use, and which one predicts your period best. Happy tracking!

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