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4 Tips for Shopping Sustainably

Every time you head to the store, you’re faced with endless choices, from different brands to ethical consumption. Making the right decision can be an overwhelming task. As a mom, I truly feel I buy something every single day, so making environmentally conscious choices whenever possible.

Here are sustainable shopping tips to make your trips to the store easier, and better for the environment .

Get Educated

When it comes to an eco-friendlier lifestyle, having the right knowledge is half the battle. Before you head to the store, do some research on different brands and stores. It’s important to know exactly what you’re buying, where it comes from, and how it was made.

Look for labels that indicate a product is organic, fairly traded, or cruelty-free. Learn what clothing materials to avoid—for example, polyester and other synthetic fabrics leave harmful microfibers in waterways every time they go through the washer. It’s also a good idea to make a list of brands that practice ethical methods such as recycling and donating.

Here are a few posts to get you started:

Buy Food Locally

Buying local is one of the best sustainable shopping methods. Local and small businesses are far more likely to use environmentally friendly practices, and supporting them means supporting your own community.

This is also a good way to help fund your local farmers. When you buy produce or other products from a farmers’ market, you have the chance to ask the supplier directly about their practices.

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If you buy animal products such as eggs or honey from a farmers’ market, your money goes toward smaller farms and apiaries that use more ethical practices to take care of their livestock than their industrial counterparts.

Plus, supporting local beekeepers is one of the best ways to protect honey bee populations, which are vital for pollinating and sustaining many of our most important crops.

Reduce Waste

Apart from what you buy, one of the tips for shopping sustainably is to make your actual shopping methods eco-friendlier. Always remember to bring reusable bags with you so that you don’t use plastic bags and create more waste. Of course, it’s easy to forget, but putting them in a place by the door, and getting it into a habit will help you remember more often than not.

If this is the case, most stores sell their own reusable bags. If you do end up taking a plastic or paper bag home, do your best to reuse or recycle it. Looking for products with less plastic packaging also helps. If you can, buy loose nuts, grains, coffee beans, and other produce that you can put in your own container.

Now, there are so many great sustainable products to replace things like plastic wrap, baggies, and parchment paper.

A few of my favorites:

Buy Secondhand

Secondhand stores are great resources for sustainable shoppers. Donating possessions to be resold not only means they don’t end up in landfills, but not as many new versions of the product will be made with potentially toxic or exploitative methods.

Additionally, local families or charities own many thrift stores, so the money you spend there is going to a good cause. You can buy more than just clothing as well—you can also find books, movies, furniture, decorations, and much more at secondhand stores. Plus, these items typically cost less at secondhand stores than they would at different stores.

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I donate clothes and clutter at least monthly. Unwanted gifts, clothes that O has outgrown, and clothes I can’t remember the last time I wore, are regularly placed in (reusable) tote bags and carted off to local non-profits. This keeps my house tidy(er), and helps support those in my community.

On the flip side, apps like Mercari and Let Go, and sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, make it super easy to connect to secondhand sellers.

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