4 Tips for Improving Confidence After Giving Birth

Pregnancy is a magical and rewarding experience, but it changes the body in ways that likely astound and overwhelm you. This is why it’s easy to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in your own skin after giving birth.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to feel like yourself again! Check out these tips for improving confidence after giving birth, and remember that this is just one step of the beautiful and life-changing journey into parenthood.

Use Your Support System

Parenthood isn’t something you have to do alone. A support system can be one of the most helpful things for new mothers. Whether you need help, advice, or just a break, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family members when you need it.

You can also try to find a support group of other new mothers, either online or around you. Connecting with women who are going through the same thing as you can be a huge help, and it’s also a great way to meet new people and friends.

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Don’t Doubt Your Methods

When you’re a new mother, everyone tries to give you advice. Though they mean well, you may end up with conflicting opinions or ideas that don’t even make sense for your family.

From your community to the endless shelves of parenting books, it can be easy to obsess over whether or not you’re doing every little thing right. Remember to take all of it with a grain of salt. Believe in yourself and your ability as a mother—ultimately, you’re the one who knows what does and doesn’t work for your baby.

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Add to Your Wardrobe

Pregnancy changes your body, and that’s okay! Instead of trying to force yourself into those pre-pregnancy jeans, let yourself invest in a new wardrobe. I like to browse through thrift shops or other secondhand stores when I’m looking for affordable clothes that fit my style. 

Postpartum compression garments can also be a big help. They’re designed to offer support and comfort while your body recovers after birth. When you have clothes that make you feel good, you’ll automatically look good, too.

Get Outside

Spending time with your baby is one of the best parts of being a new parent, but be careful not to trap yourself indoors all the time. Sunlight, fresh air, and a little bit of activity are key ingredients to boosting your mood and improving your confidence after giving birth. Taking just a little bit of time each day to go on a walk or sit outside with a book will make you feel better about yourself and about life overall.

I love helping new moms rediscover their confidence. There is no one way to feel confident, so let’s figure this out together. We will get your plan in place so you can feel awesome in your post-baby body! Email me at Samantha@simplywellcoaching.com to set your free 20 minute discovery call.

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