4 Boring Cliches That Are Insanely Accurate

On multiple occasions, I have audibly groaned when I’m having a breakthrough. Obviously, it’s not the leveling up of my World View making me annoyed, rather the simplicity of what I come to realize is an age-old cliche. We know things are cliche for a reason, they are realized so often over and over again to be true that they are in our collective route memory.

The disservice of revelations becoming cliche is that we ride right over them on our way to finding a better way. We think that if we buy the right course. train with the right person, line up our lives in such a spectacular way, that we will finally get to the root of our suffering.

The truth is, a few simply cliches hold the answers we’re desperately seeking. Here are 4 that I keep coming back to:

Celebrate small wins

This is a classic in any accountability group and often gets the nod then a quick dismissal. We know that it’s important to avoid holding out for the end goal to celebrate and instead “celebrate small wins” along the way, but how many small wins do you regularly dismiss?

What I see happening is a disproportionate emphasis being place on goal setting. Look, it’s great to set goals, but we often end up placing our Big Goal on a pedastool and it blinds us to our accomplishments along the way. Another cliche is wrapped in this one, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” When we ignore – or more often, downplay – the little advancements we’re making, we end up going through the motions and lower our motivation and interest.

How to implement:
“Celebrate” is a strong word. You don’t have to throw a party, buy yourself a treat, or even tell anyone. Simply recognizing that you put forth a solid effort can have a lasting effect. At the end of each day, think of or say aloud, 3 things that you are proud of yourself for. If this is intimidating, try it once a week and work your way up. You will start to get granular and notice all the small but powerful ways you are moving forward in your life.

Practice gratitude to be happier

Be honest, do you kinda roll your eyes when you’re told to practice gratitude? It’s OK if you do! It sounds so simple, so boring, and so trite, that we tend to nod and think, “Yeah yeah, I know.” But this simple act is life-changing, I promise.

The thing is, you can’t fake it. Going through a route list of things you feel you “should” be grateful like some sort of affirmation that you don’t fully embody isn’t going to change much. But, if you can start seeing the abundance in your life, no matter how small, it will create a ripple effect that leads to you saying things like, “Wow, the temperature is just perfect today!” and actually feeling some of your worries lessen.

How to implement:
This might start super small. In the morning, when you have just a moment of quiet to yourself, think of one thing that you enjoy about the moment you are in. Are you looking forward to your coffee? Turn that into a feeling of gratitude when you have that first sip. Find one thing each day that you are happy happened. Today, I’m grateful that I have time for a phone date with a good friend. This leads me to be grateful for the friends in my life, and so on. The more often you do this, the more things to be grateful for you will see and it is impossible to not get a happiness boost from this viewpoint.

Relationships are the most important

We’ve all read studies that tell us how the elderly value their relationships the most, not the work or the money or anything we are usually the most stressed about. Study after study shows that strong relationships are an indicator of good health and longer lives.

We know this intellectually, yet how much time, energy, and money do we invest into our relationships versus career, home, etc.? We also know that when we take that girl’s trip or chat on the phone with an old friend, worries fade and we feel connected, loved, and happy.

How to implement:
Change your mindset around spending time on your friendships/relationships. Instead of seeing the time you spent texting your BFF off the ledge after their breakup as time wasted, look at it as possibly the most important thing you did that day. More tangibly, schedule time for your friends and/or your partner regularly. Get it on the calendar and treat it as important as a work meeting.

Mindset is everything

Perhaps the most cliche, at least in my line of work, is all the hubbub around mindset. This is the biggest truth bomb you may encounter and if you let it slide, you are missing out on some great stuff! I’m going to give an example of how powerful this is. I’ll start by saying that parenting a toddler is not for the weak. When I have the mindset that I should be able to go about my own schedule, and my view is that I can constrain my son to keep on track with what I want to do, it is a very frustrating day. Yet, when I change my mindset to being collaborative and adopt the viewpoint of being the best parent I can be, it’s more fun and way less stressful.

Or, let’s look at something super diet-culturey. Let’s say your mindset is that you order whatever has the least calories and is the healthiest choice so you choose the grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side. Now let’s say your mindset is that you order what sounds the best at the moment, and you haven’t had a salad in over a week because you hate making them at home, so you order the grilled chicken salad, and you hate soupy lettuce so you get dressing on the side. Same salad, but with a different mindset, it completely changes the enjoyment of this particular meal.

How to implement:
When you’re having a frustrating moment or day, or perhaps you aren’t thrilled with how you’re approaching a situation, ask yourself if there is another mindset you can adopt. Start small: is there any thought that feels better than the one you have? Try it out and see how it feels.

It may be boring, but these simple truths can completely transform your life. Honestly, I have adopted these and I feel like a different person compared to a year and a half ago. And I wasn’t a miserable mess! Taking small actions to implement these concepts into your life will help you feel more content, calm, and present.

If you have heard these a zillion times but have trouble implementing them in the moment and long-term, I can help. Pick a time for us to chat and determine your biggest struggle point and if my coaching is right for you right now.

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