ways to save money on baby items

3 Ways I Saved Major $$$ on Must Have Baby Items

I distinctly remember the overwhelming feeling of starting my baby registry. I decided to start with the big ticket items, and after sifting through safety ratings and multiple review sites on seemingly every brand of stroller, I closed my computer and took the dog on a walk.

There are so many factors that go into the items you decide to purchase for baby. Outside of safety ratings, cost is probably the biggest aspect that sways your decision, and some items can be unbelievably expensive!

While you aren’t going to save money by having a baby, there are a few ways to save on your registry.

Please note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission should you decide to purchase an item I post about. This in no way affects my views and opinions (trust me, I’m making pennies off your purchase!).

Here are three ways I saved big bucks when shopping for my little one:

ways to save money on baby items

Pack ‘N Play Vs Crib

When one of my best friends was pregnant, she asked me, “Why do I need a crib and a Pack ‘N Play?” She was very happy when I said, “You don’t!” What started as space saving move, ended up saving us money, too.

We lived in Chicago and Owen’s room was pretty small and our whole place lacked storage space. I knew we would need a portable crib for trips, so why not use it for his full time bed?

A nice crib can be hundreds of dollars, and then there are the accessories you need to make it comfortable for a newborn through toddler. Our deluxe Pack ‘N Play came with a newborn bassinet level and changing area so we haven’t had to buy anything other than a mattress when he was over a year old.

Saving on the crib is one thing, but also not having to buy a portable crib doubles your savings! Another side effect benefit is that when you travel, your baby won’t feel everything has been changed since they are sleeping in the same space they do every night.

This is the model we got, but there are so many awesome ones to chose from!

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Newborn Napper

Once he hit 14 months we got a 3″ mattress for a little more padding.

Dream on Me Playard Mattress

Wyze Cam Vs Video Baby Monitor

I knew I wanted a video monitor because First Time Mom, but wow I had no idea how pricey they got! I can’t fully take credit for this one, it was actually my husband who thought aloud, “Why can’t we just use a security camera?”

I immediately scoffed thinking the monitor did so much more, but wait, did it? We looked into security cameras and found a relatively new company called Wyze that made small mountable cameras for $20.

We came to the conclusion, if it’s not working for us, we’d spring for one of the baby monitors I had my eye on.

Pregnancy is hard. Track your pregnancy health (plus more!) and feel confident for baby’s arrival!

The Wyze camera mounts to a metal disk you can put anywhere, and if we are traveling, we set the camera on a dresser or anything up above the crib. It’s connected to Wi-Fi so you can watch from anywhere through the app on your phone which I love because I can check on him if I’m not home. (I am admittedly obsessed with his sleep!)

When we are home, we set up an old iPad we never used and stream the video from there. You could use any streaming device, and remember, it’s only needed while they are sleeping.

There is sound but we have come into the routine of using a cheap audio monitor at night, and if I hear him I can check in from my phone.

Wyze Cam

I’m happy to say, over a year and a half in, we are still using our Wyze camera!

Baby Led Weaning Vs Traditional Baby Food

This is a long term save, and it is about so much more than saving money. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, (or, like my husband, have been hearing “Baby Linguine”, and wonder why you’d only feed your baby pasta…)

Baby Led Weaning simply means allowing your baby to feed themselves solid food as soon as they begin to wean, as opposed to spoon feeding them. Instead of using pureed “baby food”, your little one will start on finger foods they grasp themselves.

Owen eating spaghetti and meatballs

Saving on baby food adds up quick! Even if you plan to make your own baby food, there are tools to buy, and if your baby doesn’t like it, in the trash it goes. With Baby Led Weaning you are feeing them what you eat, so if they don’t touch it, the rest is yours to enjoy later. For example; I often scoop a little of a casserole my husband and I are having, and if Owen doesn’t want it, back in the dish it goes.

For more information on the benefits and how-to’s of BLW, check out the official site here: Babyledweaning.com

There are a million things to spend money on for your baby. These are a few ways to save some cash, and spend it on something more fun than furniture.

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