soothing fussy baby at night

3 Tips for Caring for a Fussy Baby at Night

Babies are adorable. Little ones remind us of everything innocent and joyful in the world. Yet, as precious as newborns are, they can be a handful! Every parent will have sleepless nights, full of crying, it’s part of the gig. But that doesn’t make it fun!

soothing fussy baby at night

If you’re in the thick of it now, follow these three tips for caring for a fussy baby at night. Soon, everyone will get a good night’s rest. You’ve got this!

Make Sure They’re Comfortable and Safe

Your goal is to keep their baby comfortable at night. Babies, especially newborns, need extra attention when they’re trying to fall asleep. Likely, it’s going to take months before they can fall asleep on their own, known as self-soohing.

At first, you’ll need to help them, a lot. For safety reasons, don’t put anything in their crib. They don’t need a pillow and blanket at this point (at 2, my son still does not use a pillow!), so keep their sleep space bare, and focus on ensuring they have comfortable clothing.

It’s hard when you cannot ask if they are hot or cold, so keep in mind the temperature of their room should be between 68-72. Avoid over-bundling, and check how their tummy feels to the touch to gauge their temperature.

A sound machine can do wonders to help them fall, and stay, asleep. It mimics the sounds they were surrounded by in the womb. We got a second one for our room once we moved the baby to his own room! Here is my favorite:

soothing fussy baby at night

Marpac Dohm Classic ⎮ The Original White Noise Machine

Keep it Moving

Babies love to move around. They were in constant movement in the womb, so movement is a game changer. A vital tip for caring for a fussy baby at night, is to carry them throughout the house as you’re trying to get them to fall asleep. Take slow and steady steps around the house with your child in your arms.

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Soothe your child as you carry them, as well. The constant moving will help calm them down so they can fall asleep quickly. When you get tired of walking, sit down in a rocking chair, or get a yoga ball and slowly bounce with them in your arms, or in a baby carrier. Gently hum, and dim the lights, they will be on their way to sweet dreams.

soothing fussy baby at night

Pacifiers Are Everything

Young babies always want something in their mouths. Oral stimulation, the sucking reflex, helps calm them down and gives them something to focus on. That’s why pacifiers are such invaluable tools that every new parent should have. Sometimes, a pacifier is all a child needs to de-stress. Stock up on as many binkies as you can, so there is always one within reach!

We really liked the Wubbanub, although any paci with a stuffed animal attached will do. It is much easier for them to find, and grab on their own once their coordination strengthens.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

Hopefully, you can just give it to your child, and they’ll stop fussing, but at first you may need to hold it in place while they grow accustomed to it. Pacifiers are great for when your child is fussy in public, too. Eventually, you’ll want to wean your baby off a pacifier. However, do not stress about that now! They’re a great tool for newborns.

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