3 things to do in the morning for a smooth day

3 Things To Do In The Morning For A Smooth Day

A great morning really sets the tone for the day. Sure, you can turn a bad morning around, but it feels like an uphill battle that sometimes, quite frankly, we don’t have the wherewithal to do.

In my 16 months of being a mama, I slowly added a few things to my morning routine (I’m a routine woman at heart!) that set my day off on the right foot. Here are three simple ways you can use your morning to get control of your day.

3 things to do in the morning for a smooth day

1. Be the first one up

I’d have balked at what I’m about to say, too, but at least hear me out: Get up before your kid.

Still here? Good.

Starting your day jolted awake by your crying baby is probably the worst way to kick off your morning. For months on end I remember being welcomed to the land of the living in this jarring fashion.

It doesn’t have to be an hour early, setting an alarm 15 minutes before they typically get up should be enough to get you hooked. There are many things you can do with this time, but the feeling of being in control of when you wake up is a nice change of pace in itself.

If you’re the type that likes to dive right in, go for it and get up an hour earlier, but if that seems impossible, make it 15 minutes for at least a week or two. Don’t be a hero!

Here are some things you can do for you with your time:


Sip your coffee/tea

Read some of your book (that one you bought before the baby was born)

Walk the dog (or just yourself)

Journal (here’s a great one to get you started)

2. Prep breakfast

No one has the hunger of a child waking up in the morning. Handing my toddler his sippy of milk buys me a little time, but getting breakfast ready with him tugging at my leg while pointing and whining at the toaster oven (big fans of Kashi Blueberry Waffles over here!) is not how I like to spend our first moments together.

I started getting as much of his breakfast ready as I could and it has helped tremendously. This morning, in my precious time before he awoke, I quickly made a scrambled egg with cheese, mixed some blueberries into whole fat plain yogurt, and put a piece of bread in the toaster oven.

When we came into the kitchen, all I had to do was put him in the high chair and turn on the toaster oven. It’s much easier for him to wait for toast (or waffles) if there’s something else to eat. Duh.

I’m the opposite of my child in that I wait an hour or two before eating in the morning. I have my coffee first thing – I’m not a sociopath – but I don’t wake up in a hunger-induced rage.

I used to eat when I put him down for his first nap, but once that nap took place after 9am, I noticed I was grabbing a bar or waiting way too long to eat.

Even if I don’t eat right away, I prep what I am going to eat so it’s ready to go when I am.

3. Time-block

This is my sanity saver. I love to have a plan, even if things don’t go according to it, I am comforted by an agenda. The first thing I do – after pressing “on” for the coffee – is get out my InkWell Press Daily Planner.

inkwell press daily planner

I always recommend time-blocking in the morning. If you have one of those nights you hardly sleep, or your kid wakes up sick, or school is cancelled, etc., your whole day will be planned differently then it would have the night before.

Time-blocking is a bit looser than a specific timed schedule, meaning you won’t feel the stress of being minute-to-minute.

Right now, I am sectioning off 4 blocks in my day, and writing what I’d like to do during that time. Here’s what that may look like:


Walk the dog
Storytime at 10:30
Email Laura back


Dinner prep
Finish post
Write Fit4Baby workout


Park playdate
Turbokick at 5:30


Meal plan

This helps me avoid that feeling of “Gah, what should I be doing?!” Wasting time (when it’s not on purpose) is one of the blah-est feelings, but with time-blocking you can feel confident that you’re doing exactly what needs attention without second guessing or completely forgetting something important.

With these three tips, you’ll go into your day more confident, feeling on top of it instead of treading for water!

I work with women on their motherhood journey, when routines seem to disappear. Having a fresh perspective and someone to be accountable to helps new moms and moms-to-be find a healthy routine that works! Email me at  Samantha@simplywellcoaching.com and during your free 20 minute Discovery Call we can decide if you’re a fit for health coaching!

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