3 Quick Ways to Find Your Motivation

The internet (and this blog!) is full of workouts, advice on fitting in fitness and how to make the most of your time in the gym. But what if it’s your self-motivation that’s bringing you to a halt? You may know HOW to fit a workout into your busy schedule and exactly WHAT to do in the weight room, but when your alarm goes off at 6am, the comfort of your bed outweighs – well – everything else.

Here are 3 ways to find your motivation:

1. Visualize yourself 10 minutes in
The worst part of my run is the 10 minutes before I go. As I get my Garmin on, my music set and find pocket space for my keys, I’m not super excited about being up at that hour or heading into the weather Chicago so often offers me. But one mile into my run I’m singing a different tune. I’m into my music, hitting my stride and experiencing my neighborhood as a participant. The endorphins start flowing and my body is alive! This feeling is the reason I love to run.

When I’m on my second set of deadlifts at the gym I feel strong and am happy I came. When you don’t feel like getting up, put yourself 10 minutes into your workout. Immerse yourself in that feeling and remind yourself you WILL feel that way in just 10 short minutes. Getting over the few minute hump of getting started is all you need to do.

2. Take a Post-workout Selfie
Have you ever finished your workout and regretted it? Capitalize on your post-workout power rush and take a photo either in the locker room or as soon as you get home. Look at the photo the next time you want to skip and be reminded of exactly how you’ll feel if you go. I’ve also taken photos of the gorgeous sunrise I see on my morning run to convince myself to get out of bed before the sun comes up because I know how much I’ll love seeing it in person if I just get going.

3. Note the Feels
For a week or two, leave a piece of paper in your gym bag or on a prominent place in your home with two columns; “Worked out” “Skipped Workout”. As soon as you finish your workout or get home from the gym, write one (or a few) word describing how you feel. Do the same at the end of the days you skipped your workout (i.e. skipping for no good reason. If you’re injured or sick this is a different case!). When you need to find your motivation get out your list and look over your own words describing how working out makes you feel.

quick ways to find your motivation

I hope these help you as much as they help me! Let me know how they work for you or if you have any other ways to find your motivation when you feel you have none!

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  1. As for me i finding motivation from fitness models. Sometimes i get motivation from Youtube videos! Thx for sharing!

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