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2 Ways to Take Body Positivity from Theory to Practice

“I think you look great with more weight, but I’m so scared to gain!” I have heard this sooooo many times! ⁠I remember having the same belief. I would see women larger than myself, truly think they looked amazing, and somehow couldn’t accept extra weight on myself.
It’s easy to think other women look BEAUTIFUL with more curves, but hate them on your own body.⁠ It’s easy to feel EMPOWERED by posts that praise body acceptance and eating whatever you damn well please. But, when it comes to sizing up, or staring down a pizza, you enter a mental battle.

How many times have you stopped your IG scroll to double tap a woman declaring she’s ditching dieting, or comment with a πŸ™Œ on a photo of a woman showing stomach rolls, but feel gross that your booty jiggles and opt for the low fat versions of every food you buy?

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈI’LL ADMIT IT: I talked a big game around loving food, but I watched what I ate like a HAWK. I loved food because I was rarely not thinking about it, not because I was eating whatever I felt like!⁠ Side note: if you’re constantly thinking about food, it’s because you’re not eating enough! More on that on another day.

Look, to make the jump from agreeing IN THEORY to truly believing it and practicing body positivity IRL, try these two things:⁠


Have you ever watched with envy as a friend orders the “unhealthy” thing on the menu, or gets dessert after lunch? What about a woman who wears a sports bra for her run without a visible 6-pack?

If you can’t imagine doing those things, or at least doing them without guilt and overwhelming self-consciousness, I’ve got news:


You are the only one stopping you. Still can’t get your brain on board?Pretend you’re one of those women who eats ice cream after lunch and doesn’t think twice. Exude confidence even when you aren’t quite feeling it. See how it feels to live like you wish you could.

Keep practicing, keep pretending, and soon it will feel like no big deal.⁠


If someone saw what you double tapped and shared, would it match how you lived? Your actual actions show what you believe in, check in with what matches up and what’s off.⁠

Print out your favorite quotes, or have them on your phone, so you see them throughout the day. When you catch yourself in the mirror and feel worse about yourself, when you choose the lowest calorie food, or when you decide to go for a run to burn off yesterday’s indulgence, ask yourself if it agrees with what you fill your feed with.

If you’re stuck in making this mental jump, let’s talk. Recovering your period usually means gaining weight, and this stops a lot of women from even trying to get their cycle back. I don’t want that to be your pitfall! Schedule your free Mindset Jump Start, a 30-minute call that will give you once action to work implement immediately, now!

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