2 Surprising Truths You Need to Know About Balance

I get a lot of questions about balance, and there are a gagillion posts, podcasts, courses, on creating balance. 

I definitely feel the pull as a woman that we have all these areas of our life to manage and that the only way to create a life we enjoy is by achieving BALANCE.

It’s not that balance shouldn’t be desirable – we definitely do not want a life that feel completely unbalanced – but when balance is this vague term we’re chasing after it’s nearly impossible to feel we’ve gotten there.

Here are 2 things I want you to know about balance and how it looks in the real world:

1. It is accumulative, not daily.

The way many of us picture balance is like a daily pie chart where each area gets it’s set amount of time. We have our time to exercise, time to be with family, time to work, etc. 

That looks great on paper, but not how most of our schedules work. When we have a day we’re working into the evening and can’t take that evening walk with our family, we feel we’ve failed the balance game, usually ending with guilt and a promise to get more organized and on a better schedule.

Instead, I like to look at balance as an accumulation of the week, sometimes months, and sometimes phases of life.

I have a toddler. Motherhood is very hands-on right now and requires a lot of my time. A few years from now, he will be in school full time and more capable of doing a lot of the things I need to do for him so that balance will shift naturally.

If you have just switched jobs or are starting your own business, that is going to take more of your time for a few months to a few years.

Smaller scale, I did the workshop last week so each evening I was prepping then going live in my group. I did not do dinner with my toddler any night last week. That doesn’t mean I am out of balance, it simply looked different that week.

Instead of fitting each area into each day and keeping the time commitments the same, try looking at it in a broader view. Some days you may have 90 minutes devoted to getting outside, and some days it may be 5. That’s OK, balance is fluid. Overall are you making time for what is important to you? Awesome.

2. There is no universal recipe, You know it when you feel it, or more likely, when you do not feel it.

Just like with anything, every single person’s definition of balance is different.

I had a client who was going into Investment Banking. She’s looking at 80 hour weeks with not a ton of time to herself. To ME this sounds insanely out of balance and not a schedule I would thrive under. To HER she is super stoked! This is balance to her. At the same time, talking to women about their feelings, then taking a walk, is balance for me.

This is likely going to take trial and error. If you’re feeling resentful of your schedule, something is out of balance for you. It’s not always an obvious thing and sometimes it’s not logistics at all but your mindset. Not so much WHAT you are doing but HOW you are doing it.

If you’re hearing this and thinking yeah yeah yeah but I DO feel out of balance and can’t do anything differently, omg book a consult! This is where I can help. I can give broad strokes here, but applying it to your unique situation and actually implementing is the next step.

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