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11 Super Cute Baby Shower Invites from Paperless Post

Months ago I wrote an honest review of Paperless Post (check in out here!) and after using them regularly, I have to share some of my baby shower invitation favorites!

Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for a special mama-to-be, or you are a special mama-to-be who gets some say in your shower, check out these awwwww-inspiring invites before you spend too much money on physical cards.

cute baby shower invitations
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Please note: While I received Paperless Post coins in exchange for this post, all thoughts are my own and I am an actual user!

Bunny, Bear, and Baby

These animals are adorable without being too cutesy. They aren’t specific characters so will fit with any animal/woodland theme.

Forest Quest

Forest decor is everywhere and it is amazing. Jump on the adventure trend and don’t look back with these camp-tastic invites!

Oh Baby

Keep it classy and use this simple card that exudes elegance. Comes in a variety of colors.

Fruits of Labor

Not sure about you, but I loved getting a new fruit/veggie each week as my pregnancy progressed. This cute card celebrates all the sizes of baby in a fun and colorful way.

Starry Slumber

This card features animals but in a sweet dreamy fashion. The soft colors and clouds make it one of my favorites.

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Vintage Blossom

Baby focused cards aren’t for everyone, and for those mama’s I love this floral invitation that somehow isn’t too over-the-top girly.

Ticker Tape Baby

Make good use of those maternity pictures with this happy photo card.


More and more moms-to-be are requesting books over toys and clothes. Make that apparent with this adorable invite.

Garden Portrait

Another lovable animal card but with a colorful and fun vintage vibe.

Shower Power

A sweet take on the term “shower”, this simple card features a happy cloud.

Heather and Lace

A square card of the most sophisticated style. Definitely go for this invitation for showers on the fancy side.

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