valentine's Day ideas

10 Ways for Moms to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, regardless of my romantic situation. One of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories is from high school. It consisted of my friends and I going to Starbucks for a sweet drink (do they still have the iced coffee with brownie chunks in it?!), and gathering at my house to watch a movie.

Now, with a husband and a toddler, the perfect Valentine’s Day looks a little different, but the purpose is the same: Spending quality time with the one’s I love.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends, spouse, and kids:

valentine's day ideas

With Friends/Spouse

Spa Day

Whether you spend a whole day, or an hour, treat yourself(s) with a pamper session. Especially if you keep your indulgence to one treatment, go for a drink (coffee, wine, tea, champagne, etc.) after your sesh. To save money, search for massage school in your area. They offer quality massages from students for nearly half price!


  • Mani/pedi
  • Couples massage (yes, you can do this with a friend!)
  • Full spa day
  • Foot soak
  • Hot stone massage

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Coffee Date

If your mom life is like mine, your typical coffee cup is reheated 8 times and eventually forgotten. Make Valentine’s Day your chance to savor every sip! Sit with your spouse, or group of mom friends, at that fancy coffeeshop you wouldn’t think of bringing your baby to. Spring for something fancy that you can’t get at home, and enjoy

Heart Healthy Workout

Nothing feels better than that post-workout glow. Go solo, or bring a buddy, and get your sweat on! Find a class that sounds fun, one you either love and never go to, or something you’ve been wanting to try out. Search outside of your membership gym, too. Maybe $25 is too much to routinely spend on a class at the hot new Barre studio, but today is the exception.

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Paint and Sip Class

Look, just because the novelty of these classes has likely worn off, doesn’t mean they aren’t a great time. Plus, since becoming a mom, when is the last time you went to one? Bring a bottle of wine, or make non-alcoholic mimosas, and enjoy the relaxing process of creating art!

Movie Day

OK, this could also be Movie Night, but if I’m in a dark theater past 8pm, I’m definitely falling asleep! Consider catching a matinee and seeing the latest blockbuster, or go to the second run theater and catch an oldie but goodie.

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With Kids

Playspace and a Sweet Treat

Let your little one get their energy out and take them to a playspace you don’t often frequent. If you live in warmer weather, this could be a big outdoor playground, but for those in colder climates, consider an indoor playspace like Little Gym. Afterwards, stop somewhere special for a sweet treat!

Decorate Cookies Together

Depending on your patience and age of your little one, you could also make cookies together. Either way, grab some natural food coloring, put on your aprons, and decorate a batch (or two!) of your favorite cookies. If you don’t like sweets in the house, keep a small portion and give the rest out to friends, family, and neighbors.

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Heart Themed Craft

Stay cozy at home with a DIY craft session with your mini-valentine! There are a ton of options, depending on the age and abilities of your tot, as well as your confidence in crafting.


Salad spinner doily heart art

Homemade heart sponges

Hole punched hearts

Bouquet of love heart craft

Tissue paper Valentine’s hearts

Tea Party with Red Foods

Depending on the age and personality of your child, this tea party date can be on the simple or extravagant side. Have fun setting the table, or floor space, with a play tea set and your finest clothes.

Have them help you pick, and prepare, red foods they’d like to serve. By “prepare”, I simply mean they can help you slice or plate the food. Things like, raspberries, cherries, apples, strawberries, or toast with red berry jam are all fun and easy ideas.

Tea for Two Wooden Tea Set by Hape

To make it more of an event, invite a friend, grandparent, or have the whole family join in for teatime.

Create Cards for Others

Once your kid is in elementary school, the fun of making Valentine’s Day cards may have worn off. So, take advantage of this special craft being new and exciting! Together, come up with a short list of people in their life they would like to send extra love to. Grandparents, neighbors, babysitters, even the mailman, are all great examples. Spend time creating cards (could be as simple as a note with a sticker) to give or send each person on their list.

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, emphasize the message of thinking of others. Valentine’s Day does not have to focus on the romantic relationships in your life. Take time on Valentine’s Day to do something special with the people who are important to you and your family.

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