You deserve to live the life you desire.

Breakthrough the barriers you’ve established for yourself. Gain clarity on what you really want. Are you ready to say yes to balance, joy, and confidence?

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  • Women often confide in me that they don’t know what they want. Breakthrough the barriers you’ve established for yourself. Gain clarity on what you really want.

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  • Creating important mindset shifts isn’t going to happen overnight. A positive mindset is something that requires continued work. Are you ready to finally put yourself and your well-being first?

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Hi, I'm Samantha!

I'm a Health + Mindset Coach helping women say no to overwhelm and yes to balance, joy, and confidence! I am a woman just like you. I too have had and continue to work through limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and complete overwhelm. It is because I have experienced these things, that I understand how you feel right now.

What Women are Saying

  • I started working with samantha because I had been trying to conceive for years and had gone through 2 failed IVF cycles. I am a runner and personal trainer and I knew I had to cut back on running and start taking it easier on my body. I traded running for other types of exercise but it still wasn't enough to really get my body where it needed to be. I turned to Samantha because I saw that she was a runner and could relate. I struggled finding someone who could relate to this because for a year I had been given advice to "just stop running!" - its not that easy! Samantha understood my struggle and that a mental shift like that doesnt happen over night. She was able to provide me with the tools I needed to create the mental shift and focus on things other than being active. I was able to mentally be ok with less activity and no running. After 3 failed IVF cycles I got pregnant on my 4th transfer after working with Samantha.

    Christine D.
  • Samantha helped me pinpoint what I needed to focus on in my journey, and helped me put my focus on my general health, offering me helpful resources, guidance and a positive framework and perspective.

    Candace H.
  • Since we spoke, my mind completely changed. I cannot thank you enough – you have no idea what you started. It feels like you got into my head and adjusted some loose screws. I really feel like after this short talk I’m able to move forward, even more motivated.