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The Oasis Collaborative is a judgment-free community for perfectionist women to show up authentically and be seen, heard, and inspired in their personal growth practices.

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  • My membership community for those ready for less social media and more true connection, a judgment-free community of support, consistency with their personal growth practice, increased self-confidence and awareness, and true presence in their life.

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  • My 1:1 coaching is designed for those who are ready for an individual approach to setting and hitting purpose-powered goals so they can go from scattered and overwhelmed to streamlined and present.
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Hi, I'm Samantha!

I'm a Health + Mindset Coach and I've been where you are now. Literally running around my house frantically tackling my to-do list. Easily frustrated, and preoccupied with proving myself. I promise you, big change does not have to come with anxiety. Let me show you how!
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What Women are Saying

  • I feel more in control of the actions and steps that I can personally take to achieve my definition of success and fulfillment. You truly helped me figure out simple, actionable ways to have more "Thrive Days" instead of just "Survive Days."

    Simone Snook
  • This was my first experience with any kind of coaching and I must admit, I was a bit scared. Still, I can't imagine that it gets much better than Samantha. She listened intently to everything I had to say which was evident by how much she was able to recap and give feedback on. Being vulnerable is a bit difficult for me and she was very understanding of my situation and how easily things have gotten out of control for me. Our conversation was 100% judgement free and I was amazed how much we were able to cover and find solutions to in just 90 minutes! Being an all-or-nothing person has been crippling for me. During a pandemic with no childcare, I often won't do any work on days where I don't have more than four consistent hours to work- leaving me working a ridiculous amount of hours on the weekend when my husband can watch the kids. Overcoming this all-or-nothing mindset by working for shorter time periods and having the self control to stop no matter where I'm at in a project has become an instant game changer. I feel like I'm getting more done but without sacrificing my health as a result. I'm looking forward to taking this weekend OFF!

    Ashley Lozano
  • I had a fantastic 90-minute session (Cycle Up Breakthrough) with Samantha. I really want to recommend this to everyone who is too scared, uncomfortable or unsure to make changes in mindset, lifestyle or even just annoying habits. This was exactly what I needed to get going and work on my issues. Fully committed with a positive attitude. I should also mention that I had a free 30-minute call at the end of summer which was already life changing (seriously) for me and even my husband noticed how much relaxed and happier I am since then. Don’t wait for years like I did to start feeling amazing! Sam is such an upbeat and inspiring person and I am looking forward to her next challenge!

  • "You just 'get' it! You really understand the issues I am experiencing (as you have been through many of them yourself), and you are able to meet me where I am at. It has been so helpful and encouraging! You've really helped me find ways to cope with the waiting periods and stressful moments, and I cannot thank you enough for this!"

    Blair B.